Kids say the cutest things…

The other day at the shop we had a few people in line getting presents wrapped, etc. when this little girl turns to the woman next to her, who is buying this adorable Jellycat Gorilla stuffed animal as a gift and says, “Do you want me to hug it and kiss it for you before he goes in the box?” Awwwww, soo cute! Of course the Gorilla got hugged and kissed and then packed away for more hugs and kisses from its lucky recipient. The rest of us around the counter were all like, “was that the cutest thing you’ve ever heard?” Um, pretty much (that and Saul wanting to sing Peace songs in the park did me in for the week!). Those Jellycat stuffed animals are super soft and lovable, come in and give one a hug and a kiss today! p.s. I bought this Gorilla one in honor of MY Big Gorilla, Rob- but we also have a Zebra, Lion, Monkey and MORE!!!


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