Real Simple’s Holiday Gift Guide: Our RING ERASERS!! Wahoooo!

We are sooooooooo psyched to be a part of Real Simple’s Holiday Gift Guide! I finally got my hands on a copy because sadly mine hasn’t arrived in the mail yet, although I know others have gotten it because our website’s been going nuts. Our Ring Erasers are featured and man, do they look good! Check it out–They look “BRILLIANT!” Think of all the people that would love these- your boss, who doesn’t like to admit she makes mistakes- but does; your aunt who does the crossword puzzle every Sunday; your little cousin who is learning her math multiplication tables; your best friend whose dream is to be a Fashion Designer and sketches whenever she can; your mom who cooks up a storm and revises recipes constantly… plus they come in a cool little plastic bubble that makes them even cuter. Green, Pink, Blue and Yellow. $5 each. Plus, we will be part of Real Simple’s Pop Up Shop in Rockefeller Center, so check it out- details here. And stay tuned for details on our MANHATTAN POP UP! (maybe you are on our mailing list and already heard the details!?). While I was perusing the other amazing items in the magazine I couldn’t help noticing we also carry a few more items attributed to other shops, so perhaps you’d like to get everything in one place? From US!!Tea Tower in Grey. Also in Red— $32

Animal Hands- $6.95 (these are sold out until next Friday sadly, but more in stock then!)


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