An Ode to the Whoopee Cushion

This Holiday we sold soo many whoopee cushions, I really couldn’t get over it.  Between the Upper West Side Shop (customers up there truly seemed to have a good sense of humor, all the joke boxes sold extremely well!), the Brooklyn Store and online we sold hundreds of them. It got to the point where I said, after people came back over an over again asking if we still had them in stock as they needed another one for a brother, aunt, grandma, fill in the blank… that I finally said, “We will NEVER be out of Whoopee Cushions!” (much in the same tone as stores used to say, “We will NEVER be undersold!”). And then it happened, we ran out… No fear though because I bought hundreds more, it wouldn’t happen again under my watch. Can you have more fun for $1.50? I really can’t think of anything else that provides that much satisfaction for a dollar and a half. Anyway, I was reminded of the fabulous-ness of the Whoopie Cushion today when Emily, part of our Annie’s team, sent me a funny post about her family’s experiences with a Whoopee Cushion this Christmas. Check it out here… of course I love the part where she tells her nephew Dayton “I live next a store with hundreds of whoopee cushions.” His head now cocked to the side. “Bw-ooklyn makes whoopees?” It’s true folks, we do make Whoopee! Whoopee Cushions, $1.50.


1 Response to “An Ode to the Whoopee Cushion”

  1. 1 Emily Voorhees January 6, 2011 at 5:58 pm

    It’s true. Annie’s B-wue Wibbon makes willy good woopees!!!
    I’m going to buy enough to just have on hand for gifts, friends having a bad day, ME having a bad day…you name it. Praise be the Whoopee!!

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