It’s Thank a Mailman Day! We love you Bing and Ray…

Everybody– meet BING!! Bing and Ray, below, are the BEST Mailmen out there and since today is “Thank a Mailman Day” I gave them both some treats from the shop (and a big hug) to say THANK YOU. Remember that cooky calendar someone sent us last month? This was one of the special celebrations on there and since we have such amazing mail carriers looking out for us, we wanted to celebrate them! Everyone knows Bing in the neighborhood, not only does he always have a smile on his face (and the mail properly sorted of course) but he is also an excellent crooner (specializing in reggae) and can you see his amazing dreads? Pretty cool. And then there is Ray– Ray ROCKS. He picks up our Internet packages- sometimes coming 3 times a day to make sure we get everything out on time! We wouldn’t be able to get our packages out to you as quickly as we do without his amazing dedication to the shop. Thanks Ray & Bing and the USPS, we are extremely grateful!



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