Watch Out, we finally got in PASS THE PIGS!

Score! Finally, after years of hunting- I finally found the people that make the Pass the Pigs game and ordered a bunch for the shop. Wahooo! Have you guys played this? Its so fun and addicting. I first learned about it in Ski House/ Drinking Game mode, but really it’s for everyone and is a classic, fun party game. It comes with two pig dice and depending on how they land- that’s your score (yes, it’s about technique my friends- not intelligence).  Roll the two comical pigs as may times as you are on your turn to rack up points. But if you press your luck and roll a “Pig Out” or and “Oinker” you’ll loose them all. First player to score 100 pints wins! Comes with a carrying case, score card, scoring guide, rules and 2 pencils. Pass the Pigs– $13.95.  While I looking for other Pass the Pig aficionados online (yes, they are out there!) I came across this fun set that someone hand knitted as Christmas presents- from a fun blog called Roman Sock– picture from their site- so cute! Totally made me laugh! Time to break out the Pigs!


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