Brooklyn EATING tour- some of our favs…

My dear friend Jill spent part of her Spring Break with the me and the Big Gorilla in Brooklyn. There’s nothing like Spring Break in Brooklyn when it’s HAILING outside (yes, for those of you outside NYC, we got pelted with a crazy storm last week- snow/hail/wild thunder & lightning/rain–you name it).  We managed to have a GREAT time though, mostly eating our way through Brooklyn– and I thought I’d share some of our highlights- all taken with Jill’s Hipstamic for the iPhone (yes, it’s true its my favorite app too!). First up is Four and Twenty Blackbirds Pie Shop in Gowanus. It was about a 25 minute walk from the shop and worth every minute. Truly the best pie I have ever had! We tried a couple but the Salted Caramel Apple blew us away. As soon as you walk into this cute spot you are not only sucked in by the wonderful aroma (how do people work there every day without weighing 300 pounds? The wonderful smell of fresh baked pies would have me munching all day long!) as well as the charming atmosphere. The Gorilla and I will have to go back for breakfast because I heard the coffee is delish and the Egg in a Nest looks intriguing– a whole different ballgame from the piece of bread with a whole in the middle you might get somewhere else. Major thumbs up!

Speaking of breakfast, I had to take Jill to try my favorite breakfast sandwich of all time, the Breakfast Baguette from Iris Cafe in Brooklyn Heights. Oh Iris, how I love thee. Jill ended up going back every morning of her visit to have one, they are THAT good! Serrano Ham, Hard Boiled Eggs, Lettuce, Tomato and a lovely chutney (they changed this up on me a few months ago, it used to be a salsa/mayo which I also loved), nicely salt and peppered to perfection. They are open till 5pm too, so try them for lunch or dinner- in fact I think they are trying to get their liquor license so I may never leave. The Gorilla loves their Stump Town Coffee too, and I buy him delicious, local honey from there too for a special treat.

Down the street from Iris is another one of our favs, River Deli. YUMMMMMMM. It’s quite unassuming and walking by during the day the first few months I wasn’t even sure it was open for business, but once I tried it once- I was hooked! Heavenly Italian food at equally heavenly prices. We always start with the bruschetta plate, 4 huge pieces of bruschetta with the best toppings ever, on fabulously chewy Italian bread. We had the Tagliatelle the other night, but everything I have ever gotten there is so yummy. Again, just like 4 & 20 and Iris, the atmosphere also adds to the charm.

We always try to go to another Italian staple when Jill is in town- an oldie but a goodie, Frankies 457 in Carroll Gardens. Luckily we got there early so didn’t have to deal with the usual 1 1/2 hour wait quote we usually get- but by the time we were leaving it was packed. The Gnocchi and the Cavatelli with Sage Butter Sauce/Sausage are our favorites but again, everything I have ever tried there is incredible. I have a special place in my heart for Frankies, I had a fun birthday party there one year as well as our Rehearsal Dinner (in their back stable). We wanted to try Brooklyn Farmacy for a Pink Poodle Milkshake afterwards, but we were just too full– maybe next time!


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