One of our favorite customers moves to…Rwanda!

One of our favorite customers, Devon Kuntzman, moved to Rwanda last August from Brooklyn to help make a difference in this war torn country. Now she works in an orphanage for children who lost their parents in the 1994 genocide or in refugee camps.  Most of the children have “seen their families killed, or watched their parents die in squalid refugee camps. Many have no memories of their families or what towns they are from.” I can’t imagine the hardship she must now see on a daily basis, although it sounds like the children (most of whom are older) have really created a family. Devon has worked with kids for a long time, we met when she was a nanny for a wonderful family across the street from the shop (she introduced us to Banangrams, one of our all time best selling items!). Now she is busy at the orphanage taking care of the gardens (the orphanage is also a flower farm), creating a tourism project, researching how to start a beekeeping project and overseeing the children’s diet. Rwanda is also home to the endangered Mountain Gorillas, so this awesome shot was taken of Devon while on a hike in the Karisimbi Mountains where they were able to spend an hour with these amazing creatures. Click here more info on the Imbabazi Orphanage. Cheer to Devon, we miss you in Brooklyn!


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