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Total Kickassery!

I love these clever Award Ribbons, they come with a pin so you can don them all day. This 1st place for TOTAL KICKASSERY ribbon pretty much would make most people smile, but we recently sold one online that stood out in my mind. Someone was buying it for their dear friend who was kicking cancer. What a great idea! No matter how clever I try to be, our customers always come up with the best ideas– and I loved this one so wanted to share. Award Ribbon- Total Kickassery– $12.95.

Royal Wedding Craziness- here’s some silliness for the special day…

Photo from these posters are on sale now, you can get them for $12.99, maybe cheaper by the end of the day!

Yes, it’s true- I am up early watching the Royal Weddding. Not so much because I am a Royal Watcher, but more because I didn’t sleep very well last night and woke up at 3:55am automatically and checked the coverage then, realized the wedding didn’t start until 6am EST, so fell back asleep until again I automatically woke up at 5:55, destined to watch the big event! While they go through all the religious pomp and circumstance I can’t help but think of some of the silliness that goes into every wedding, much less this one. Marketing companies and businesses went all out to help people celebrate the wedding, from the serious to the silly. One of my favorites (besides this funny poster) is the Royal Ring Pop from Bazooka.

picture from CNN 

Although it’s the same size as a normal ring pop, it’s modeled after Kate’s engagement ring and bedazzled with Swarovski crystals and therefore not edible. Not edible?! What’s the fun in that? Clever and cute, but remember if you want the real thing (Ring Pop that is!)- we have them for $1. So enjoy this special day everyone and  remember what the Archbishop of Canterbury said as he married William and Kate today- “Every wedding is a Royal Wedding.”

Making Whoopee– XL style! Guest Writer Emily Voorhees has fun with her whoopee…

When people ask me what we sell at the shop I always say, “We sell a good time!,” since we have so many cool things in our ever changing selection of merchandise. I do always mention a few key items that we always try to have in stock, like mustaches and whoopee cushions (good stuff!). You might remember me talking about our dear friend/neighbor/customer/occasional helper Emily who bought a ton of whoopee cushions over the holidays, well she took up a notch people! She is also a brilliant writer (you can read more of her musings on her blog) Here is her write up about the introduction of our new 12″ GIANT Whoopee Cushion:

To celebrate the explosive entrance of the 12” whoopee cushion onto the ABRGS scene, I’m writing in to commemorate some of my favorite memories with my (normal sized) whoopees.


After a brief medical scare, which will probably mean a whole day of mostly waiting and some prodding and testing, I secure some appointments uptown. I put my whoopee in my purse, along with my Health Insurance ID and a snack. It could be a long day.

WHOOPEE ON THE Hoyt/Schermerhorn A-TRAIN. Folks are not psyched about the whoop as I descend down onto the platform waiting area, nervously inflating and slowly setting it off, so I deflate and we wait in silence. Just knowing the whoop is near me makes me feel safe. Odd? Perhaps, but when moments of medical paranoia creep up I can easily amuse myself and diffuse the awkwardness of any weekend rush hour groping Blow; pinch; squeeze; falsely accuse…(of farting not groping.)Personal space created and blame unattached.

In the waiting room we are both thankful for the new Saturday morning office hours. 

Once called in I am instructed to change into a tiny paper gown while I wait for the doctor. It is cold and I am shy, but I get no sympathy from my whoop. He gives me a look.  “You think you have it hard? At least you have clothes. I’m plastic and people sit on me,” he seems to say. (Surprisingly, he is now suddenly human AND male) What to do, what to do. I check my whoop’s vitals, but the squeezing required makes a reliable blood pressure reading impossible “It’s ok,” I say. I look into his mouth and check for swollen glands or worse, the small pockets of thin skin that could pop or tear at any moment. My whoop is not insured (we’re waiting to hear back from the free-lancers’s union) and I can’t afford an Angioplasty. He lets out the occasional warble (nerves) but, all in all, he is a trooper.  

He wants to feel what it’s like to be in charge. Doctors are never taken seriously when they make fart noises, even as a means of ontological identification, so my whoop has a moment of inferiority. Thankfully, his status as THE KING of Whoop is quickly reinstated when my doctor sat on him without looking down. The long, curious, warbling noise morphs slowly into a quick blast of air, and finishes off with a high-pitched squeal.  

After such a day, we both need some space. Once on the subway, I place my whoopee on the seat next to me, fully blown-up, assuring no one will crowd us on the long ride back to Brooklyn from Columbia Presbyterian. We are spent.  

We go into Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store to get his older companion. Neither of us are prepared for the glory that awaits us. The entire block seems to line up as I blow the new guy up. Annie and I sit down on both cushions (me on the old, her and her unborn on the newer, bigger one.) 

I will always love my whoopee cushion, trusted companion that he has become. But honestly, in terms of whoopee, size does matter.

It’s TELL A STORY DAY! use our 7 Year Pen to write YOUR story…

Our Quirky calendar says today is TELL A STORY DAY! Maybe today is the day to start that novel you have been meaning to write, or to just jot down a few special memories (share them with us!)… get it all going with our 7 Year Pen! Rather than join the 100 million pens discarded every day, The Seven Year Pen can write two meters a day for seven years. It’s got a long-life tip and high quality parts. Made in the eco-friendly country of Switzerland. Seven Year Pen– $7.50.

Time Out New York loves our Eco Friendly Paints!

We are soo excited that our Eco Friendly Paints are in this week’s Time Out New York! Celebrate Earth Week with this all natural art supplies that are good enough to eat! Handmade with eco friendly ingredients these cool paints get their colors from annatto seed, beets, blueberries, carrots, paprika, purple sweet potato, red cabbage and spinach. Five 4oz. containers makes 60+ ounces of paint. Eco- Paints $24.95.

Egg White Soaps Are Back!!!

Hey everybody! Jess here, Manager Extraordinaire!! Recently one of our best customers stopped in, desperate for more of our Victoria Egg White Facial Soaps. Due to production problems they were unavailable for months, but we finally have them back in stock. After hearing customers rave about them, I decided it was time to try for myself. Oh, are they heavenly! My skin immediately felt clean but not stripped of moisture. I am a convert! It’s no big surprise they’re great; the Victoria Soap Company has been making these soaps since the early 1900’s. The protein-rich bars also have added rose water and lanolin to soothe and protect your face. They’re packaged in a beautiful box that makes them perfect as a gift as well! Box of 6 bars for $22.

Happy Earth Day! Introducing S’Well Fabulous Water Bottles…

Happy Earth Day Everyone!! In honor of Earth Day I am writing about one of our favorite new products,  S’Well Water Bottles! Made from Stainless Steel (they are non-leaching, toxin-free, and are virtually unbreakable), they hold 17 ounces and can keep things both hot and cold. Did you know that “studies have consistently shown that most of the bottled water consumed is less pure than the water from public water supply. In spite of this evidence, consumers purchase mind-boggling amounts of bottled water not for purity sake, but for convenience and portability. Even in this era of conservation of resources, less than 20% of these plastic disposable water bottles are recycled. S’well aims to eliminate the number of plastic bottles needlessly discarded every year.” So get your S’well on this Earth Day with one of these fabulous water bottles- $30 each. S’well Water Bottles available in Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Red, and Silver. More Earth Day/ Water Facts from S’Well’s site here too:

S’well bottles merge style and function with environmental and social consciousness. Through a year-long design process involving hundreds of prototypes and dozens of focus groups, the S’well bottle was born.

Equally important to the S’well mission is providing clean water to those in need. Nearly a billion people in the world do not have access to safe water – roughly one sixth of the world’s population. Many women and children in rural areas in developing countries spend hours each day walking miles to collect water from unprotected sources such as open wells, muddy dugouts or streams. In urban areas, they collect it from polluted waterways or pay high prices to buy it from vendors who obtain it from dubious sources. Transporting water is a time-consuming, exhaustive task that prevents women from doing vital domestic activities or income generating work and stops children from going to school.

To address this dire situation, we (S’Well) have partnered with WaterAid, a 501(c)(3) organization, where every S’well purchase supports WaterAid’s programs improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation in the world’s poorest communities. Since being founded nearly thirty years ago, WaterAid has brought clean drinking water to over 14 million people in the poorest communities in the world.

Get your Bike in shape! In the ‘hood? check out Bike NY’s Bike Fest…

It’s getting (and staying!) warm now- hallelujah! Whether you are a year round cycler or just breaking out the bike now that the weather is getting nicer, check out this Cycle Care Kit for all your tune up needs. Kit includes Stainless Steel Chrome Tin Polish (helps restore luster to metal parts of bikes) , Wash & Wax (gently cleans and applies wax to preserve painted finishes and prevent rust), Sprocket & Gear Oil (specially formulated for bicycle chains to lubricate, prevent rust and cling to the chain and sprockets for keeping the gears and chain in peak performance), Natural Insect Bug Repellent (organic ingredients discourage bugs from invading your ride). Makes a nice gift too! Cycle Care Kit– $19.95.  And if you’re in the ‘hood, check out Bike NY’s Bike Fest for lots of fun family friendly activities.

Bike Fest

 Saturday, April 30, 10 am – 4 pm, Brooklyn Bridge Park

 Bike New York proudly announces the first-ever Five Boro Bike Fest. This free,

family-friendly event is open to the public and features live entertainment,

classes, bike repair, and an expo with demos and giveaways. The Bike Fest is

part of a fun-filled weekend that kicks off Bike Month.

Activities at Bike Fest

Bicycling “how-to” classes

10:30 Wear a helmet

10:30 Fix-a-flat

11:00 Use your gears

11:30 How to buy a bicycle

11:30 Chain maintenance

12:00 Adjust your bike for a comfortable ride

12:30 Stretching for cyclists

12:30 Fix-a-flat

1:00 Fuel up–gels, bars, beans, oh my!

1:30 How to buy a bicycle

1:30 Commute by bicycle

2:30 Use your gears

2:30 Fix-a-flat

3:00 Chain maintenance

3:30 Adjust your bike for a comfortable ride

 Musical Entertainment

11:30 Bomba Yo

1:00 The Meetles

3:00 JamX Courtesy of the Jamaica Tourist Board

Cyclist Services

9:45-3:45 Valet bike parking


Bike repair

10:00-4:00 Bicycle quick check

 Family Activities

10:15 Magic Al

11:00-2:00 Face painting and balloon sculpting

2:00 Looney Louie

Happy Holidays! Lots of fun Easter treats…

Easter is just around the corner, but we’ve got you covered! We’ll even put together an Easter basket for you if you’re short on time. Here are a few of our favorites, but check out all our Easter Goodies online or in the shop!

Easter Bunny Felt Basket $14.50

Eco Egg Coloring Kit $16.00

Wooden Nesting Birds $39.50

Easter Crackers $19.95

The Golden Egg Trophy $12.50

Easter Wind Up Toys $3.00

Save the Date for our Buddha Nose Trunk Show April 30th 1-3pm

If you’re in the ‘hood, please join us Saturday April 30th from 1-3pm for a special trunk show with Buddha Nose products and founder Amy Galper.  Buddha Nose is certified organic body care that inspires the mind-body-beauty connection and their products are heavenly. We will have the whole line here and samples to test, etc. so come stock up and have all your beauty questions answered! Some of our favorites are the Bodhi Sugar Scrub- Organic Face and Body Cleanse, Meditation Bath Salts, their organic lip balm and MORE!! Hope to see you then!

April 2011