Gospel for Teens- amazing signing (and so much more) group from Harlem…

picture from mamafoundation.org

Did any of y’all watch 60 Minutes last Sunday? Lesley Stahl covered an amazing and inspirational story of a Gospel group out of Harlem called Gospel for Teens. It was started by Vy Higginsen to help keep the spirit of Gospel music alive and well in this day and age of Rap & Hip Hop. Teenagers in the tri-state area come to audition for this signing group, that somehow along the way became much more that just about music. Let me go on the record here and say that I am not a religious person, but am very spiritual and have always loved Gospel Music for its transportive power. What I loved most about this story, however, besides all the beautiful music, was the power the group had to transform the teens into self confident young adults (not the original intention of the group, but an interesting development in human nature along the way).  Watch the 60 Minutes clip here and see how Vy and the Gospel for Teens group is changing lives every day…  I bought tickets to see them in person later this month, very excited!! Check out more of Gospel for Teens on their website. ENJOY!


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