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Lazy Sundays are made for Hammocks!

Traveller Lite Hammock, $24

It’s a beautiful Sunday in Brooklyn, and perfect for lounging in a hammock. What, no hammock? No problem! We’ve got you covered with our Traveller Lite Hammocks made of lightweight and strong polyester parachute fabric. It’s perfect for camping or trips to the beach, and folds up into a compact pouch for easy storage and travel. So grab the crossword, swing into a hammock, and get comfy!

BEACH DAY! another ABRGS tote spotted ’round the world…

We love seeing our Annie’s Totes used around the world (remember Megan sporting hers at the Equator in Uganda)- here is another friend & customer, Suzanne- on the beach (in Harbour Island, Bahamas) with one of our Totes!! Going to the beach? Pack up your Annie’s Tote today! But don’t forget the sunscreen!

Our Porcelain Lanterns in Real Simple’s Daily Finds!!

More love coming our way from Real Simple this week! Our incredibly clever Porcelain Lanterns, which look just like those beautiful old-fashioned camping lanterns, was featured in their Outdoor Party Lights feature. Thanks, Real Simple!!

Tales from the (Newborn) Front: Baby Coco LOVES to be swaddled

It’s my first few days of Motherhood, our baby girl is 10 days old! One thing you learn early on is that babies LOVE to be swaddled, and Coco is no exception. The Burrito Wrap style is comforting for the little ones who are used to be nestled in their Mama’s warm and protective womb. We have been selling these Aden & Anais Swaddling Blankets for over a year now, and everyone raves about them- but now I know first hand how much they rock. They are made with muslin- which is so light weight and easy to wrap. With this East Coast heat wave, the muslin is particularly appealing for its’ breathability too. Not only do we use them for swaddles, but we just took a little walk along the water and draped the blankets over the stroller to protect our little girl from the sun. LOVE them! 4 pack of Jungle Jam Swaddling Blankets– $44. (BTW- between spit- ups, baby drool, and the various uses for these blankets- a 4 pack is a PERFECT gift for new parents!).

Hydros Bottles in New York Magazine!

Hydros Bottle, $29.95

The latest issue of New York Magazine is out, and they chose our Hydros Water Bottles as one of their “Best Bets” this week. There are so many styles out on the market, and new ones coming out every day. What makes the Hydros special is the built-in filter so you know your water is clean wherever you are. The bottles are also BPA-free and made in the US!

Music at Annie’s

I love music. Who doesn’t, right? I’ve always thought that was a strange question on a date. As if anyone would ever answer “Why no. I hate music.” But I really love music. I need it playing in my headphones at all times as I walk around the city, and usually at least in the background while I’m home. In fact, my chief complaint in the summer is that I can’t hear the music over our AC. People often comment on it here, and the general consensus is that it’s great. We don’t use a subscription service or satellite radio, but rather Annie’s massive personal music library. It’s a huge mix, and you never know what you’re going to get. As I write this I’ve heard Bob Dylan, Jack Johnson, and even Groucho Marx! I’ve been introduced to tons of new music since I began working here–some of it silly and some of it beautiful. I’ll leave you with one of my favorites from our collection. I heard this on my first day here and immediately became obsessed. It’s a phenomenal cover of Sexual Healing by the Hot 8 Brass Band out of New Orleans.

Bubblegum! My Big Gorilla’s latest video…

Ohh yeah it’s full on summer everyone! Need something cool to chill out to? Check out my Big Gorilla’s latest rap song and cool video, Bubblegum.  It is shot all around NYC including our favorite Coney Island (where we had our first date 7 years ago today!). Need some gum to go with it? We’ve got you covered with Fruit Stripe, Gold Nugget Gum, Gumball Cones and more! 

The Dog Days of Summer are here!!!


This is our buddy Jack. His human, Ann lives in the neighborhood and often comes by with Jack on their weekend outings. On days like this, I can’t help but feel for poor Jack in that thick fur coat (and this is after a trim, no less!).

The weather here in New York, and across most of the Midwest and Northeast has reached record-breaking temps in the past few days (104 at Central Park on Friday!!). While the weather reports are full of advice on how to keep cool in the dangerous heat, we don’t want to forget about our four-legged friends in fur coats! We’ve got some great products in the shop for taking care of your dog on those days at the park or beach. The Pooch Sport Water Bottle will keep you, and your best friend hydrated with it’s ingenious design. You drink from the straw, and your dog from the attached cup–with no backwash between the two water sources!

Pooch Sport Water Bottle, $8.50

And how about the Slurp Bowls? They’re recyclable and reusable fold-up bowls that you can throw in you bag, pocket, or even attached to your leash!

Slurp Bowls, $13.50

We want to know how you and your pets are surviving (and hopefully enjoying) the summer! Send us a picture to and we’ll send you a special treat!!!

It’s an honor just to be nominated…..

But winning wouldn’t be bad, either! We pride ourselves on our customer service. As Annie says, we sell a Good Time! So we were particularly excited to hear that we’re finalists in the Customer Service category of the New York Enterprise Report’s 2011 Small Business Awards. We love our customers, and it’s so rewarding to know that they love us too!! Thank you for your continued support!!!

Crossword On!!!

Hello again, it’s Jess! If I’m not working through the New York Times puzzle then I’m playing back-to-back games of Scrabble on my phone with friends. So I was super excited to open up a fresh batch of crossword books from the undisputed King of the Crossword–Will Shortz. Aside from admiring the skill in which he creates crossword puzzles, I’m proud to say Mr. Shortz is also a fellow Indiana University alum. If you saw the documentary Wordplay (and if you didn’t it’s worth checking out) you might remember Shortz noted IU was the only school where you could major in literally anything. And indeed, he is still believed to be the only person to graduate with a degree in enigmatology, a curriculum he designed himself through the school’s Individualized Major Program. If you’re a junkie like me, check out this new book of Sunday puzzles!

NYT Relaxing Sunday Crosswords-$10.99

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