Viva Lucha!!!

Lucha Libre Mask-$6.95

Jess here! I’ll be taking over the blog for a bit while Annie focuses on a bigger project (stay tuned). The minute we saw these Lucha Libre Wrestling Masks we had to have them. Personally I’m a fan of any sport that places such a strong emphasis on costumes. If basketball players would glam it up a bit I might take more interest. The traditional luchador masks are more than just a fun accessory though, they have historical and cultural significance as well. Masks in general are an important part of the history of Mexico, tracing back to the Aztec people. In Mexican Wrestling the mask is sacred; many luchadores wear them at all times in public to hide their true identity. Some matches even result in an unmasking, the ultimate loss for a luchador. Why not live the dream with a mask of your own?! And don’t forget our packs of 12 Lucha Libre Dolls….

Lucha Libre Dolls-Pack of 12-$13.95


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