The Dog Days of Summer are here!!!


This is our buddy Jack. His human, Ann lives in the neighborhood and often comes by with Jack on their weekend outings. On days like this, I can’t help but feel for poor Jack in that thick fur coat (and this is after a trim, no less!).

The weather here in New York, and across most of the Midwest and Northeast has reached record-breaking temps in the past few days (104 at Central Park on Friday!!). While the weather reports are full of advice on how to keep cool in the dangerous heat, we don’t want to forget about our four-legged friends in fur coats! We’ve got some great products in the shop for taking care of your dog on those days at the park or beach. The Pooch Sport Water Bottle will keep you, and your best friend hydrated with it’s ingenious design. You drink from the straw, and your dog from the attached cup–with no backwash between the two water sources!

Pooch Sport Water Bottle, $8.50

And how about the Slurp Bowls? They’re recyclable and reusable fold-up bowls that you can throw in you bag, pocket, or even attached to your leash!

Slurp Bowls, $13.50

We want to know how you and your pets are surviving (and hopefully enjoying) the summer! Send us a picture to and we’ll send you a special treat!!!


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