Tales from the (Newborn) Front: Baby Coco LOVES to be swaddled

It’s my first few days of Motherhood, our baby girl is 10 days old! One thing you learn early on is that babies LOVE to be swaddled, and Coco is no exception. The Burrito Wrap style is comforting for the little ones who are used to be nestled in their Mama’s warm and protective womb. We have been selling these Aden & Anais Swaddling Blankets for over a year now, and everyone raves about them- but now I know first hand how much they rock. They are made with muslin- which is so light weight and easy to wrap. With this East Coast heat wave, the muslin is particularly appealing for its’ breathability too. Not only do we use them for swaddles, but we just took a little walk along the water and draped the blankets over the stroller to protect our little girl from the sun. LOVE them! 4 pack of Jungle Jam Swaddling Blankets– $44. (BTW- between spit- ups, baby drool, and the various uses for these blankets- a 4 pack is a PERFECT gift for new parents!).


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