Ice Cream Social Time!

Ice Cream Van Set, $13.50

Annie and I almost overdosed on cuteness when these arrived in the shop. Food trucks are all the rage lately, even warranting multiple reality television shows. Having grown up working in my parents’ restaurant I must say the idea of doing that work in a motor vehicle is a bit frightening. Imagine combining parallel parking with a grease fire. But long before the days of Vietnamese Pho and Belgian Waffles was the original: ice cream. In my neighborhood the Mr. Softee truck runs every day until at least midnight during the summer.  I grew up in the woods of Indiana were no ice cream trucks roamed so when I hear that jingle over the roar of my air conditioner I feel like I’m finally experiencing a rite of childhood.

This super-cute Ice Cream Van set is perfect for bringing the nostalgia of the classic ice cream truck home. It includes 12 brightly patterned cups and matching spoons. Perfect for parties for kids of all ages–or just a special treat for a family night! And since we’re talking food trucks, check out this awesome guide to American food trucks coast to coast!!

Food Trucks, $20


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