Back By Popular Demand–Goodbye Detergent!!

Spaghetti Sponges in Gentle and Coarse, $8.99

We have loyal (and vocal) customers so we listened when they demanded we bring back these Spaghetti Sponges in gentle and coarse. Made from corn cobs and peach pits, respectively, these brilliant scrubbers will last for months, never mold, and don’t get stinky. Of course they’re great on dishes and pans, but they’re also handy for cleaning hard to reach spots like around the faucet. On top of all that you can cut down (or out) the dish soap! The natural abrasion of the sponge is enough the get your pots and pans squeaky clean!

Enamel Kitchen Cleaning Pad, $6.99

And since my love for The Clean is well-documented,  it’s no surprise I was excited to try the Enamel Kitchen Cleaning Pad. My once-beautiful blue cast iron dutch oven has been looking rather worse for the wear lately, but it’s enamel surface has made me hesitant for fear of scratching. As soon as we got these in I went to town on it (another wild Friday night). I can’t believe how well it worked, without any dish soap at all. Love it!

Heavy Duty and Stainless Steel Kitchen Cleaning Pads, $6.99

And to cover all your bases, don’t forget the Heavy Duty Kitchen Cleaning Pad and Stainless Steel Kitchen Cleaning Pad (you’re next, stainless frying pan)!!!


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