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Field Notes- American Tradesman Edition

Our friends at Field Notes have done it again– this American Tradesman Edition is pretty fabulous. Who doesn’t love a good carpenter pencil? A three pack of Graph Paper notes with a cool, special edition blue cover, Carpenter pencil (with instructions on how to sharpen it!)- all you need for some good solid inspiration. Field Notes American Tradesman Edition– $13.50.


More Scrabble Goodies!!

Scrabble Coasters, $19.95

We warned you. The shop has been taken over by America’s Favorite Word Game. We gave you a peek at the (ever-dwindling) tower of Scrabble Mugs, and now we have even more!! Will I seem like a total nerd if I buy myself everything? Do I care??? At least 30,000 Scrabble games are started EVERY HOUR. So clearly I’m not alone. Check it all out, in store or online!!

Scrabble Magnets, $12

Scrabble Pencil Case, $12.50

And if the fun Scrabble-themed items aren’t enough, we even have Scrabble Me, a twist on the classic game where each player has their own board!

Scrabble Me, $22.50

It’s Fall, Y’all!!!

It’s in the air. The temperature has dropped drastically in the last week and I can hardly wait for the leaves to change color and start dropping. To celebrate we’re highlighting this classic 1968 New Yorker cover by Arthur Getz. Getz was the most prolific cover artist for the New Yorker, creating over 200 images over a 50 year period. This print is available framed and as a greeting card (in store only). Happy Fall!!!!

Redefine Your Palate in Mere Days!

Foodie Flashcards, $12

Flashcards: they’re not just for students anymore. Are you sick of sounding like a culinary novice? Do you know your aspic from a hole in the wall? Or do you just have a foodie friend that needs a giggle? Well, your search is over! Get ready to gastro-speak with the best of them! This clever set includes 50 cards complete with definitions, illustrations, sample sentences, and even a game insert!

Our amazing Places of America Print in October’s Real Simple- wahhhhhhhhhooo!!

Wahooo! The October issue of Real Simple is out and our amazing Places of America Map is featured in their Wall Art Spread. Created exclusively for the Royal We by Oliver Jeffers (you might remember he came into our shop last year- he lives down the street!), this is a signed print of a hand painted map of America. On wood. With pins! Each print comes with 51 pins to chart your path to total American domination. 49 of the pins are black, one of them is red and one of them is blue. Black is for states conquered, red is for headquarters and blue is for next target / state of origin. Places  in America Print– $96 (get yours now at the special Real Simple price, normally $120).

Vapur: The Anti Water Bottle

How cool are these? Water bottles (actually called the Anti Water Bottles since they are actually not bottles!) that fold up when you are done with them. Yup, just roll them up and reuse them. Makes for easy storage (clip the carabiner to your bag)– keep one in your gym bag, pop one in your tote– wherever/whenever. 18 oz. capacity. And of course BPA- free. Vapur Anti Bottle- Orange, Green, Blue, Grey and Pink– $9.95 each.

I’m So EXCITED!!!!!

Saved By The Bell, $25

Say goodbye to compromising your love of 1980s and 90s pop culture for good design. Finally you can replace that life-size poster of Mark Paul Gosselaar in your bedroom with something more grown-up. Plus, you know that old thing is all tattered from practicing your kissing techniques. The clever folks at My So Called Type have created these beautiful typographic prints capturing some of the most recognizable words and phrases from Saved By The Bell, The Cosby Show, and (of course) My So Called Life.  So go ahead, celebrate your love of television with pride, and recycle all those old Tiger Beat clippings.

My So Called Life, $25

The Cosby Show, $25

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