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Solve the Unsolvable

Solve the unsolvable with Flipping Coins. Carry them with you wherever you go for important decisions (Will Do It/You Will Do It, I Apologize/ You Apologize, My Treat/ Your Treat) on the fly. Set of 3 Flipping Coins– $12.

HILARIOUS- teenage power couple pencils!!! who comes up with these things??

HILARIOUS! These Teenage Power Couple pencils are a riot. Who’s your favorite? I’m going with Brenda and Dylan.  Pencils– Set of 8- $9.

Make a party POP with Poof Balls!

Take your next party (whether hosting or attending!) up a few notches with POOF BALLS. A European Party Game brought to life, give a gold tube to the rowdiest guy in the room and see all the craziness that ensues! Comes with 6 Gold Tubes and 100 Balls per box. Poof Balls– $15.50

Coolest Valentine’s EVER… Tattly’s Temporary Tattoos in Multi Packs!

Yup, It’s almost Valentine’s. I know, it’s a holiday you either love to hate or LOVE to LOVE. Even the most jaded of folks will love these Tattly Tattoo Temporary Tattoos though. The Swiss Miss, one of our favorite bloggers and fabulous taste maker, tapped her wonderful artist friends (ie. Julia Rothman’s Love Watch, above) to make temporary tattoos after her daughter got some bum ones- and Tattly was launched! Tattly has some super fun & clever Multi Packs for Valentine’s too- complete with notes to enclose the Tattoos in, and heart stickers to seal the deal. Packs available in 8’s and 24’s, also some single too. I want to give them out to everybody- can’t wait until Coco is old enough to give them out in class!

Tattly- 24 pcs Multi Pack– $25, 8 pcs Multi Pack– $15.

LovBots Pack of 24 pcs– $25.

Little Besties– 8 pcs Pack- $15.

Love Chain– Set of 2- $5.


State of the Union Bingo!

State of the Union Bingo- from The Atlantic

Tonight is The President’s State of the Union. The yearly address by the President involves a lot of pomp and circumstance, and is particularly vital this year with Obama’s re-election campaign heating up, but no matter if you’re red or blue- it’s important to watch. Heard about State of the Union Bingo this morning on NPR- and found this one from The Atlantic– hilarious. I’m going to play along while I watch! All sorts of interesting things to learn about here at The General Store’s Blog!

It’s the Year of the DRAGON- Happy New Year!

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Happy New Year Everyone!! It’s Chinese New Year everybody (the lunar New Year came early this year…) and it’s the Year of the Dragon. Hopefully we are in for some good news this year, as the Dragon is considered the luckiest animal in the zodiac. Time to celebrate regardless! So, grab your Party Horns (in elegant silver and gold)- $14.

A colorful note!

Thanks to my grandmother, I’m a huge fan of thank you notes! I’m not always the best at getting them out, but I try to get a little note in the mail as soon as I can! It’s always nice to let friends and family know how much that gift, dinner, or random favor meant to you. And really, it’s just always great to say thanks! That’s why I LOVE these coloring card thank you notes! They’re the perfect way to say thanks, as well as let that inner artist in you shine. Keep these notes handy, you never know when you might need to send one!

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