The Fly Lady is Soo FLY….

This morning I was cruising the internet looking for some couch options (we are in desperate need of new seating in our pad) and went to Apartment Therapy to see what they recommended. I immediately got caught up in “Best Cleaning Tips” of the year– it is January, after all- and since November & December were a blur from working seven days a week, our apartment sorely needs some TLC. Well, I read some of the comments on the post “Before & After: A 15 Minute Clean Sweep“– and  discovered the FLY Lady (I took note of the jabs at the graphics, which I poignantly displayed above).  Here is a lowdown from my intro letter (after  a few minutes of poking around, I decided to subscribe to the Daily Digest)-

FLYing means Finally Loving Yourself. I want you to have what I have: Peace of Mind, Pride in my home and a Passion for Living.

FLYing works for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you work outside of your home, stay home with children, are retired, work from home or a combination of any of these. You can FLY.

We are here to help you establish routines and build a basic weekly plan.

In a nutshell, the Fly Lady helps you organize your life by breaking your home into different zones– each of which we spend 15 minutes a day cleaning and organizing each day/each week. Here are the zones from Flylady’s site (highlighted zone is the one we are in now)-

  • Zone 1: The Entrance, Front Porch and Dining Room (January 1-7)
  • Zone 2: The Kitchen (January 8-14)
  • Zone 3: The Bathroom and One Extra Room (January 15-21)
  • Zone 4: The Master Bedroom (January 22-28)
  • Zone 5: The Living Room (December 29-31)

Sooo, we would spend 15 minutes a day (our Chicken Timers would be perfect for this) and declutter/clean in each zone and then repeat each month. January’s mantra task is Shining the Kitchen Sink. I dig it. I think I can do this. 2012 is going to be Flylady year to make our apartment more functional, and not so overwhelming when friends and family come to visit (thanks to our dear Cocolicious, this happens more than ever before!). Need some help cleaning? Check out our FULLY STOCKED section of Cleaning Products (Better Life, The Laundress, etc.) Let me know what you think!


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