Indecision 2012

Stephen Colbert Twitter Feed Poster, 16"x20", $35

If you’re anything like me, you’re anxiously awaiting the South Carolina Primary results. Not as a republican voter, but as a member of the Colbert Nation. Stephen Colbert’s most recent foray into politics has shed a light on the complicated world of campaign finance with the creation of his Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow Super Pac. Sure, he’s not on the ballot in South Carolina and there are no write in candidates in primary elections in South Carolina. He may not have a shot in hell of winning, but it’s still fun to watch him satirize the electoral process. If you’re not a registered South Carolina voter, but still want to honor the Great Man, what better way than with the Stephen Colbert Twitter Feed Poster? Colbert’s complete Twitter ramblings through 2010 are rendered on a 16″x20″ poster, using the negative space to create an image of Colbert and his iconic bald eagle. And the text is completely legible, so you can treat yourself and your friends to a dose of Colbert Truthiness in your home or office.


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