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It’s LEAP year! YEAH!!! Happy Birthday Aaron & all the other leap year babes!

Happy Leap Year Everybody!! This day always reminds me of all the people out there who really only get to celebrate their true birthday once every FOUR YEARS.  I have always known this to be true, but the first year the shop was open I met my first New Year Baby, Aaron. I believe he was turning 6 at the time (at the ripe old age of 24) and he came in with his girlfriend (now wife) Rebecca and she told him to go nuts. Buy whatever you want, honey- feel like you are SIX again. He always picked out fun & functional treats, and they have been coming in around his birthday with the same mindset every year. We are happy to wish him a 7th (?!?!) Birthday this year and see what strikes his fancy this time. Perhaps these Cube Bots (they can fold into a simple cube, or be posed into many fun positions) will be the winners this year. Whatever it is, I admire their fun & free spirited tradition. Guthrie the Cube Bot- $32. Other sizes available too!

Sea Salt Soap- we have devotees…

We love this new Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap, and we’re not the only ones– some customers are addicted to this stuff! Mineral rich salts naturally obtained from sea water are used in the bath because of their tonic action and softening effect on the skin. Sounds heavenly to me! Sea Salt Soap– $6.50.

No denying it- Sophie the Giraffe is Coco’s favorite toy…(baby alert part deaux)

Sophie the Giraffe is one of the most popular items in the shop, there’s no denying that- but before I had a babe I wasn’t sure if it really was as loved as everyone says. I’m here to tell you, from first hand experience, that Coco plays with her Sophie for hours and it’s by far her favorite toy. The Nugget and I have been all over lately- she’s been to several meetings with me (our Big Gorilla Papa is out of town for a month!), train trips, etc. and Sophie was really the only toy I end up bringing to amuse our little pumpkin because it’s the one that keeps her interest the longest. Plus it’s light enough she can hold it easily, put it in her mouth as a teething toy, hear it squeak… the whole nine yards. Sophie is THE toy everyone in France has (some of our French customers say they still have theirs from growing up!), and now surely everyone in Brooklyn too. She’s so cute! Sophie the Giraffe– $24.

Fun & Functional: EVIDENCE Laundry Bag


This made me laugh– store your “dirty laundry” in this fun & functional laundry bag labeled EVIDENCE. 22″x 28″- with handles for easy toting to the Laundry Room. Evidence Laundry Bag– $24.95.

Lolly Koon Photography

My dear friend, and very talented photographer Lolly, is heading to Mexico next month to photograph families in the suburb of Ensenda while working with a charity organization which feeds, clothes, and educated impoverished families in the region. To help raise money for the trip she’s currently holding a print sale on Etsy. With the purchase of a print you’ll also receive a photographic newsletter documenting her trip. I can promise you they won’t be pics of her doing shots on the beach, either. Her photography is hauntingly beautiful and I look forward to seeing the work this trip produces. Check out her Etsy page for some great affordable pieces or her personal website for even more work! ~Jess

MULTI PURPOSE, ALL NATURAL Cleaning Products- made in Brooklyn!

We recently got in these wonderfully all natural, multi-purpose cleaning products and I have to gush about how fabulous they are. I started with the soap, above, which replaced 3 cleaners I had next to my kitchen sink: Dish cleaning liquid, Hand Soap and a separate “free & clear” baby bottle cleaner. They were all stressing out my beautifully clean sink (thank you, Fly Lady!) and so I am soo glad to now have one, all purpose soap which is elegantly displayed in Haven’s Pump Dispenser ( I debated between the Spout Dispenser & this one, but for my lifestyle I went with the pump- but it’s a tough call)-

Next up was the All Purpose (part of the appeal of all of Haven’s products) Cleaner. It works well, smells nice (lemon & mint) and makes me feel good knowing I can clean Coco’s High Chair Tray with it too- since it’s all natural. All contents are listed on our website, but as an example here are the ingredients in the All Purpose Cleaner, above: Distilled Witch Hazel, Organic Castile Soap (Saponified Organic Oils of Coconut, Olive and Jojoba), Organic Aloe Vera, Vegetable Glycerine, Organic Essential Oil Blend (Lemon, Lemongrass & Peppermint), Grapefruit Seed Extract.

I am getting this one today to dive into my bathroom (along with our enamel scrub pads)- SCRUB. This product is the  ultimate multi-tasker, it’s a non-scratching powder that can clean bathrooms, scour dishes, deodorize fabrics and even be dissolved for use as a vegetable wash. Woah. I thought I could do many things at once…

Polish does just what is says– this cleaning and conditioning spray traps dust and adds luster to a variety of surfaces. From wood furniture to stainless steel smudges to your car’s interior, POLISH is a hard-working cleanser and conditioner that keeps everything looking shiny and new.

And Air Linen Spray- with the purifying scent of organic lavender- is a must in our house (btw the Big Gorilla working from home, Diaper Pail odors, you name it…). All Haven products are handcrafted from raw or minimally processed ingredients in Brooklyn, in small batches and are sold in large sizes for easy cleaning and refilling. Make your home a HAVEN home!

Soap– $26, Hand Pump Dispenser & Spout Dispenser– $25 each, SCRUB– $12, Polish– $14, Air & Linen Spray– $20 (all BIG sizes).

Skiing Gnome!

It’s true that Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store really is the BEST place to get the perfect gift! Not only do I (Megan) work here every now and then, but it’s my go-to place for unique and sure to be loved gifts. Case in point: the Gnome & Garden Gnovelty Kit I got my sister for Christmas. She loves the little gnome (named Gnoman Rockwell) so much he’s even gone skiing with her!

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