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Self Importance, Sticky Style…

Loving this fun note set for your desk– with “Self Important” Sticky Notes- ranging from Dire to Trivial…Self Important Sticky Notes– $9.

Cool NEW puzzles!

We got a bunch of new puzzles in the shop this week, and this Vintage NYC Travel Poster made into a 1000 pcs challenge is one of my favorites. The Poster was created by David Klein,  an American artist who is best known for his influential work in advertising. Although he produced illustrations for Broadway theatrical productions, Hollywood films, the United States Army, and numerous corporate clients, Klein is best remembered for the iconic travel images he created for Howard Hughes and Trans World Airlines (TWA) during the 1950s and 1960s. NYC Travel Poster Puzzle– $18.

Tattly’s for a cool Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter is next Sunday! Want to make your egg hunt about 100 times cooler? Take the normal egg hunt up a few notches with these cool eggs filled with Tattly Temporary Tattoos! Room enough to add some candy, or just hide them as is. A dozen Tattly’s in egg carton– $25.

DIY Circus Fun!

I love this sweet Circus Stamp Set from our friends at Yellow Owl Workshop- isn’t it just so lovely? I’m going to make some cute Easter Cards with these adorable stamps. And it’s the perfect little treat for some little girls I’m going to visit next week (hint, hint…). Circus Stamp Set– $26.

Sketch a masterpiece!

There’s so many amazing new things in the store, it’s hard to just pick one to blog about!! However, I am totally in love with these two items: Missing Masterpieces Sketchbook and Subway Graffiti Sketchbook! What can I say, they’re awesome! And in the words of one of our customer’s: “How cool! This is one of those things you could give to anyone!” And it’s true – these sketchbooks are great for little doodles as well as grand masterpieces. Let out your inner artist and start sketching!

Etch A Sketch Shaking up the Political World…

Been watching the news? Amidst the many compelling and riveting stories out there with more heart at the center of their issues is the ETCH A SKETCH/ Mitt Romney Story. One of Romney’s Aide’s compared his candidate’s campaign to the Timeless Retro Toy (when Primary season is over the political landscape will be shaken up again, much like how this iconic toy resets itself). Well, the gaffe wasn’t good for Romney’s campaign but shares of Ohio Art, makers of Etch A Sketch have doubled– so someone’s making out from the comment. Want to get a piece of the action? We’ve got them in stock NOW! Etch A Sketch, 1960’s packaging (as in when Mitt’s dad was running for Prez)- $17.95.

New Candles!!

Kobo Seed Collection, $28

We loooove candles here at Annie’s! Our obsession with Japanese Quince is well-documented, but we do like to have some variety. A new batch just arrived today, in perfect time for this summery weather! The Kobo Candles Seed Collection features delicious scents of flowers and herbs in a long-lasting (60 hours) 100% soy candle, made right here in New York State. And if that’s not enough for you, the recycled paper gift box is also embedded with seeds! Just soak it in water and bury in soil to grow your own coordinating plant. Now THAT is the gift that keeps on giving! In yummy Catalan Calendula, Fresh Cut Grass, Siam Poppy, Sweet Sunflower, Somerset Thyme, and Annie’s favorite, Wild Tomato Vine!

Wheels, Not War!

Toy Boarders, $6, 24 pc set

Do you have fond memories of those little green army men from our childhood? I know with an older brother they were all over our house, and even fueled a flu-induced nightmare/hallucination where they all came to life in my living room. So for those of us that appreciate the classics, but would rather not promote violence (or hallucinations), we have an amazingly clever update! Instead of toy soldiers they’re Toy Boarders! The 24-piece assortment has 8 different styles: each from a hand-carved mold depicting actual skateboard tricks.  Are these not the COOLEST?!?! SKATE ON!!

Easter Goodies! Lots of fun treats for Easter Baskets—

We went a little nutty this year (as usual) for Easter, with tons of fun ideas for cute Easter Baskets. From Jellycat stuffed animals, like the Woodland Bunny above- $20, plus many more from Jellycat too! We have been selling a ton of these fun Flashing/Light Up Chick Balls– $4, assorted colors.

And Tattly came to the party with this fun set of Temporary Tattoos inside white eggs, so some lucky egg hunters will get an extra treat in their find! Tattly Easter Eggs– $25 for a dozen.

Maybe your little bunny wants to grow her/his own garden? This fun grow kit, cleverly packaged in an egg carton (where you can start growing the seeds) is just the thing- Little Bunny Egg Carton Kit– $12.

Bunny ears will make everyone feel like they are part of the special day. Hop, Hop! Bunny Ears– $7.95.

And this is just a SMALL SAMPLING of what we have in store and online. Check out our Easter items online here, or come see us in the shop soon!

NEW!! Brooklyn Posters by Gregoire Ganter

Brooklyn Poster, $25

We love Gregoire’s beautiful photographic collages. You can see his work in our store, and order custom alphabets and name prints (great for a baby’s room!) through us. But now Gregoire has made his Brooklyn print, assembled of original photographs from all around our favorite borough, available in an 11″ x 17″ poster print. Show your Brooklyn love!!

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