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Wheels, Not War!

Toy Boarders, $6, 24 pc set

Do you have fond memories of those little green army men from our childhood? I know with an older brother they were all over our house, and even fueled a flu-induced nightmare/hallucination where they all came to life in my living room. So for those of us that appreciate the classics, but would rather not promote violence (or hallucinations), we have an amazingly clever update! Instead of toy soldiers they’re Toy Boarders! The 24-piece assortment has 8 different styles: each from a hand-carved mold depicting actual skateboard tricks.  Are these not the COOLEST?!?! SKATE ON!!


Easter Goodies! Lots of fun treats for Easter Baskets—

We went a little nutty this year (as usual) for Easter, with tons of fun ideas for cute Easter Baskets. From Jellycat stuffed animals, like the Woodland Bunny above- $20, plus many more from Jellycat too! We have been selling a ton of these fun Flashing/Light Up Chick Balls– $4, assorted colors.

And Tattly came to the party with this fun set of Temporary Tattoos inside white eggs, so some lucky egg hunters will get an extra treat in their find! Tattly Easter Eggs– $25 for a dozen.

Maybe your little bunny wants to grow her/his own garden? This fun grow kit, cleverly packaged in an egg carton (where you can start growing the seeds) is just the thing- Little Bunny Egg Carton Kit– $12.

Bunny ears will make everyone feel like they are part of the special day. Hop, Hop! Bunny Ears– $7.95.

And this is just a SMALL SAMPLING of what we have in store and online. Check out our Easter items online here, or come see us in the shop soon!

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