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Cute little wooden boats! for bath or beach…

Loving these cute little wooden boats. Perfect for the beach, for the bath (they float!!). Also fun for birthdays (they have numbers on them). Enjoy the beautiful day! Little Wooden Boat– $5.50.

Downtown, Uptown, East Village, West Side— a ‘stache for everyone…

New mustaches for our mustache lovers (yes, I know you’re out there! in droves…) These are particularly funny- one for different parts of the city! Moustaches About Town– $6.00.

This Ain’t Your Grandmother’s Canning Book….

Unless your grandmother is partial to mango-peach habanero hot sauce. And if she is, your grandmother rocks. But don’t let the mango peach whatevers and the Achar Segar (it’s just an Indonesian pickle) scare you. This book has the classics as well, and ideas for every season of the year. In addition to the canning recipes, there are 50 other recipes with suggestions on how to use the fruits (and vegetables) of you labor! $24.05

Franks for the memories…

Franks A Bun Thank You Cards, $19

I apologize for the pun, but we’re obsessed with these clever new cards. Who says a thank you card needs to be serious? These are perfect for summer occasions, and the wood grain patterned envelopes make them stand out in the mail. Set of 6.

Bookman Bike Lights

We’re loving the beautiful simplicity of these bike lights by Bookman, a Swedish company. The set includes a white front light and red tail light with three modes: slow flashing, fast flashing, and steady light. They come in an array of colors, sure to match any bike!

Simply Floored! Great Write up in Real Simple Magazine…

Doing some Spring Cleaning?? Need to polish those lackluster floors??  Real Simple (and US!!)  recommends Better Life’s Simply Floored Floor Cleaner as their TOP RATED Floor Cleaner! It’s good for hardwood, tile, marble, bamboo, vinyl, laminate and other sealed floors.  Not only is it effective, it’s also one of the safest cleaners on the market, not harmful to people or the planet. Simply Floored Floor Cleaner– $7.99 for 32 oz.

Are you noticing a theme?

Sauced Wine Glass, $16.95

I know it’s the end of the week, but clearly I have wine on the brain. This hilarious glass from Fred & Friends is perfect for anyone who loves to drink, or cook, or both! As Julia Child once said, “I enjoy cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food.”

Wine Time!!

Corkcicle, $24.95

The weather is heating up and the sun is out—I’m dying for a picnic at Prospect Park, but I guess I’ll have to wait until the weekend. Outdoor entertaining makes the Corkcicle a must-have summer item. Instead of messy and cumbersome wine buckets, just place the frozen Corkcicle in your bottle of white to keep it cool for 45 minutes. It’s even perfect for reds, which at room temperature are actually too warm and tend to loose flavor quality. The Corkcicle keeps it the perfect temperature for all occasions, even if you just don’t feel like walking from the couch to the fridge!

the only card you’ll ever need…

Check out this cool card from our friends at Grain– it’s really the only card you’ll ever need,

since you can “Word Search” and find tons of phrases including– Sentiments:

Get Well Soon
Happy Anniversary
Happy Birthday
Happy Fathers Day
Happy Hanukkah
Happy Holidays
Happy Kwanzaa
Happy Mothers Day
Happy New Year
Happy Valentines Day
Merry Christmas
Thank You
Sorry For Your Loss

Boy / Girl
Father / Dad
Mother / Mom
My Love(ly)

Be Mine
Come Home Soon
Feel Better
Forgive Me
Good Luck
Hello Love
Howdy Friend
I Am Sorry
I Love You
I Miss You
I Messed Up
It’s A Boy / Girl
Mazel Tov
Nice To Meet You
Thinking Of You
Way To Go
Welcome Home
Werq Queen
Wish You Were Here
You Are Invited
You Are Lovely
You Are Perfect

Plus the whole card is recycled and recyclable- card is printed on tree-free paper that uses cotton fiber waste from the textile manufacturing industry. Envelope and cheat-sheet are 100% post-consumer recycled kraft paper. Inks are non-toxic. Cornstarch polybag is biodegradable.

Grain’s Utility Card– $4.50.


Tiny World Terrariums, $19.95

A few weeks back Ann and I went on a “company retreat/terrarium-making workshop”. Terrariums are really hot right now, and we’ve both been dying to make one. We found the perfect opportunity when Greenery NYC paired up with Ann’s friend Chef Joseph of Yummy Eats for a workshop here in Brooklyn. Joseph cooked up a delicious brunch while we created our terrariums. Since we loved the experience so much, we had to get this great new book, Tiny World Terrariums. It walks you through the basics of building a terrarium, from choosing a container to assembly. They also offer tons of inspiration for beautiful and fun designs. I couldn’t resist adding a little glass squirrel to mine for a bit of whimsy.  Check out the pictures of our terrariums, and check out the book to start your own!


Ann's terrarium-in-progress

Jess's terrarium-in-progress

Ann's finished terrarium

Jess's finished terrarium

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