Insights from one of our Interns: Lost on the first day…

Insights from one of our Interns–

Holly, here.

Welp, my first day is over and as much as I would say it went seamlessly… there was that one little blip in getting to work. I woke up super early- maybe because I was excited but also maybe because my mattress feels like a glorified cement floor- and got to walking. I made sure to give myself at least 10 minutes cushion time. You know, “just in case”. Sure enough, I got lost. Being enticed by all the beautiful sights and sounds, an Ohio girl like me easily just missed my turn.(There was a deli on the corner I was obviously staring at- eating is sort of a sport for me). I managed to make a two-turn, 30-min trip into an hour long expedition all the way down Henry street… I was about 15 min out of my way when I realized that maybe I wasn’t in the right location. So after having a mild panic attack I decided to turn around and call the store over and over and over again. I eventually made it, but only after sweating through my shirt and rubbing ginormous blisters on my feet. Thank God, Jess, the store manager

Beijing, China 2011

was running a little bit late as well and was completely cool about it. The rest of the day was filled with learning the ropes and searching for cool new products – fantastic! The store has been so amazing and so welcoming- I’m really excited to start learning more!

Ta-Ta for now!


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