Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: the non-technical kind

We are all set for Back to School at the shop (check out lots of awesome goodies for headed back to school/work/whatever here) but we have all spent countless hours debating one important question: which planner should we buy. I tried to go all digital, but it’s just not working for me people– I need to see my crazy handwriting to realize something important is happening tmrw at 2. Jess gravitated to Knock Knock’s Academic Planner, above- in our fav Kelly green (it comes with a plastic sleeve in there which would be great for biz cards, receipts, even extra cash). I am leaning more towards the Draw Your Tomorrow Planner that we talked about earlier. And then there is also this cool TOMORROW White Planner that is sleek and cool and just the right size for my everyday bag. All of them are thin and portable, but also are spiral bound which my friend Jill pointed out will be good for laying flat on my desk…. Lots of choices! And many great options…. Academic Planner– $16.


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