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Vinyl Collection Puzzles Are Back!!


Our hugely popular Vinyl Collection Puzzles are back in stock!! We’re hard at work sending out backorders, and new orders will ship next week!

Wash your hands!

5952With all this crazy Flu going around, be sure to wash your hands A LOT! It is the best defense against germs, and much better than just using hand sanitizer (the recommendation is to wash for 20 seconds, about the time it takes to sing Happy Birthday TWICE). Make hand washing more fun with our yummy JAPANESE QUINCE hand soap. It smells delicious and so will you! Japanese Quince Hand Soap– $18.95.

Sustainable Suds


Orange Blossom Soap, $12

We just got this line of soaps in stock, and they are wonderful! I seriously can’t stop smelling the Orange Blossom scent! It’s intoxicating! Aside from looking and smelling gorgeous, they’re also ethically manufactured from sustainable and 100% natural ingredients. Plus a portion of the profits help alleviate poverty across the world as well as maintaining our rainforests.  Now THAT is gorgeous! Also in Lavender and White Tea.

Make Your Baby Useful!


Baby Mix Me a Drink, $9

The hilarious series of board books by Lisa Brown are back in stock! Baby Mix Me A Drink will help your child become more useful around the house….or at least give you a good laugh. Also check out Baby Make Me Breakfast, and Baby Get Me Some Lovin’ for even more fun!

Brooklyn Tabernacle at INAUGURATION!!!

brooklyn tabernaclePicture from The Daily Beast

We were sooo excited to see (and better yet HEAR) The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir at yesterday’s Inauguration. They are AMAZING and I have been lucky to hear them several times as they are just a few blocks from the shop. Very psyched that Brooklyn could represent in such a special way! Read more about them here

iCords in Woman’s Day- Yay!

7713Our fun & functional iCords are in this months Woman’s Day Magazine- Yayy!!! I bought one of these straight away as my iPhone charging cord looked like it was a major fire hazard (wires always seem to fray near plug, seems like a major design flaw in Apple’s otherwise amazing systems). Loving this bright green color too- perfect way to “warm” up during the cold winter months. iCords– $20 each.

Fridge Magnets for Typography Nerds


My personal strategy to whip myself into shape this new year is to tackle one room at a time. Right now I’m working on the kitchen, getting it not just organized but beautified. I’ve streamlined my dish washing with our gorgeous and hard-working Bubble Up Dish Brush, posted Peel & Stick Chalkboard Sheets for notes and shopping lists, and now it’s time to make my fridge more fun! Enter: Letter Press Fridge Magnets! This funky set of letter magnets have a vintage letter pressed feel, and are big enough to actually hold papers or pictures. The set includes 80 upper case letters and a variety of punctuation.

Bubble Up!


Bubble Up Dish Brush, $13.50

Should I be this excited about a dish brush? Who cares! Don’t judge me! The newest edition to our cleaning section is the Bubble Up Dish Brush; it’s a natural bamboo scrubber brush with a ceramic dish that has a special secret. The base is spring loaded–just add a bit of soap and a little water to create a foam, and your brush is always ready! Forget those soap dispenser brushes which never work. This thing works AND looks beautiful!

Tattly Sets are Here!!!


We loooooove the Swiss Miss, Tina Roth Eisenberg’s fabulous blog, not to mention her gorgeous designy temporary tattoos! Created after tiring of tacky temporary tattoos for her kids, Tina has collaborated with such illustrators as Julia Rothman, Oliver Jeffers, and Jim Datz (and many more) to create fun and beautiful temporary tattoos for kids and adults. We just added some of their fabulous sets, which make great gifts, or a fun party favor. The Party Set was perfect for our friend Jenn’s birthday party last weekend!



CAUTION– love this sign! Cheers to a good week ahead…

cautionA friend sent me this picture (taken by Dierdre Savage), taken on New Years Day. I love the Optimism, the Hope… and thought it was the perfect sign (literally) for the New Year. Cheers to a great week ahead, month, year…. I’m gearing up to watch Downtown Abbey, can’t wait!

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