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Another Coco FAVORITE– Nesting Cups for the Bath

5067My poor little Cocobeans started becoming afraid of the bath back around the Hurricane (so 6 months ago now).  I hear it’s fairly common and hopefully she grow out of it soon, but in the meantime the ONLY thing that is a guarantee to get her anywhere near the bathtub are these awesome nesting cups. She loves pouring the water into each of them, stacking them (outside of the tub as well) and generally is obsessed with them. And again, this has been a six month love affair, far outlasting anything else I’ve tried by months. My favorite part is that they stack beautifully in the corner of the tub (as above) or in to each other, which is a little easier for our sweet little toddler to resist sometimes. These are winners, folks. Nesting Cups– $12.95.

LED Lanterns Are Back!


LED Lantern, $15

Our super popular LED Lanterns are back in stock! Whether you’re a camping enthusiast or not, this lantern is a must-have. Battery-operated and running on 15 LED lights, this little guy is lightweight, but provides more than 48 hours of continuous bright light. The classic style is perfect for your patio or deck, and good-looking enough for inside, too!

Fear Not


11″x17″, $16

I’d like to get real with you guys for a sec. There is a serious disease overlooked in today’s culture. Pogomophobia. The fear of beards. Imagine, if you can, the agony of living in the very heart of Brooklyn and facing this crippling affliction. Everywhere you go you’re face-to-beard with your biggest fear. No place is safe. They’re browsing the red kale at the food coop. They’re in your Cantra Dancing class. They’re picking up their CSA at your favorite gastropub. If you, or someone you know is afflicted by this bizarre and rare disease, then perhaps they need this! Is there a better way to tell your tortured love one to suck it up and pull it together??

Happy Earth Day, Earth!

It’s everyone’s favorite spring holiday, Earth Day! I’m sure you spent your weekend volunteering at your local recycling center or planting trees in your neighborhood in preparation for today. But in all seriousness, Earth Day may not be the sexiest holiday on your calendar, but it is a good time to think about your carbon footprint and how you can reduce it. We have plenty of great ways to help you “Green-ify”, from Produce Bags to Water Bottles. I’m going to take an Earth Day pledge to cut the number of plastic cups I use. I’m a coffee addict, and as soon as the weather warms up that means Iced Coffee! Instead of buying it, I’m going to treat myself to one of our new Mason Jar Tumblers and make it at home! Check out my directions below for perfect cold press coffee!


Insulated Mason Jar Tumbler, $12

Perfect Cold Press Coffee by Jess:

Fill a french press with coffee and cold water (2 Tablespoons per 6 oz of water).

Give it a good stir, cover, but don’t press the plunger.

Refrigerate overnight.

In the morning, press the plunger to strain coffee grinds and ENJOY!

***The slow brewing process and lack of heat reduces bitterness, but it’s also VITAL to use enough coffee. Most people use too little coffee which actually makes the it more bitter. Don’t believe me? Ask this guy:




Sending Our Love To Boston


Installation by NYC Light Brigade and The Illuminator. Image via The Gothamist.

These types of things seem to be happening all too often these days. We are unbelievably saddened by the bombings yesterday, and send our love and thoughts to everyone in Boston.

Loving Country Living!


We love Country Living Magazine, and the latest issue is looking fantastic! This is their Bargain Issue, and it’s packed with DIY decorating, yard sale advice, as well as  tons of thrifty shopping finds. It even included a pack of seeds to ring in spring! We’re thrilled to be included for our Letter Press Magnets! The set of 80 magnetic letters and symbols are inspired by vintage letterpress and are perfect for adding character to your fridge!


Letter Press Magnets, $23.50

Paging Dr. Robin!


Well, I guess all my end-of-winter complaining paid off (you’re welcome), because it is most definitely feeling like spring, if not summer! Time to invest in some good sunscreen, especially for those delicate babes. Dr. Robin for Kids is a fabulous skincare line that is gentle, gluten-free, vegan, paraben-free, and made without any unnecessary, irritating chemicals. One of our great customers just told me this is the only sunscreen she can use on her allergy-prone daughter. It’s not just sunscreen, though. Dr. Robin also makes a tear-free Shampoo/Body Wash with calming lavender, and Daily Moisture Cream that are perfect for eczema-prone skin. They may be made for babies and kids, but this line is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.

Get Dirty!


It is absolutely GORGEOUS in NYC today. This weather makes me want to dig in the dirt and do some planting! I’ve already got some basil seeds sprouting at home in one of our fabulous new planters. They’re so bright and cheerful, not to mention lightweight and compact. The triple planter is perfect for a windowsill, but would also make a great organizer. They’re lined in plastic, so they’d be great for cosmetics. The planters also contain drainage holes, making them FUN and FUNCTIONAL! Don’t forget to check out our selection of beautiful heirloom seeds and other great garden supplies. Visit the shop for even more spring fun!!



Save Our Sweaters!


Cashmends, $14

Are your sweaters looking a little worn? Don’t give up yet! Even your most well-loved can have new life with Cashmends. They’re great for any fiber–not just cashmere! Just iron these babies on and they’ll stay put wash after wash. No sewing skills required! We’ve got a variety of patterns in color in the store. Get ’em while they’re hot, they’re also one of New York Magazine’s Best Bets!

Can You Dig it?


It’s a dreary day here in Brooklyn, but spring is definitely in the air, and I’m ready to get my hands in some dirt! We’ve got some great items to get your spring garden going, including seeds from the Hudson Valley Seed Library! These high-quality seeds are heirloom or open-pollination only, meaning there is no genetic engineering or affiliation with a biotech or pharmaceutical company. And if that’s not enough, they’re packaged in beautiful envelopes with original art work. We have three great seeds online: Kaleidoscope Carrots, Good Bug Blooms, and Flashback Calendula, and even more in the shop! Let’s get dirty!

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