Top Me Off! (Insights from the New Intern)

Tops Malibu Surprize Balls $4.00 each.

Swimming in a sea of stationery and letterpress may be overwhelming, especially on an interns second day! Walking up and down row after row of stalls may also cause sensory overload even though everything is so fabulous. Yet despite the gorgeous and ridiculously adorable cards, prints and calendars, one stall definitely stole the show: Tops Malibu.

Featuring a range of products for party and play, Tops Malibu combines the beauty and simplicity of old-fashioned trinkets and treats while adding a creative and colorful twist making them a hit with adults and children alike. From their golden sparklers, to their candy colored pea-shooters, they truly are a unique and exciting company.

But of everything I saw at their dazzling display, my favorite Tops Malibu products have to be their Surprize Balls. Simply unwrap the colorful layers or to find an assortment of goodies, games, charms, candies and more! They’re perfect for parties and party favors, or if you just want to give yourself a little treat. We’re getting them in shortly, so be on the lookout!



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