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Stay Charged this Holiday Season and All Year Round!


We’re head over heels in LOVE with the Mighty Purse from Handbag Butler. These chic clutches come in AWESOME colors and charge your phone while you are on the go! No more lugging around that charger! Place this leather clutch in your bag for the day and plug in your phone when your battery is running low (after emailing, grammin’, fb’ing and pinning we all know how fast this can happen). Mighty Purse’s LED battery will last for two complete charges. To recharge your LED battery, plug the USB charging cable into your computer while you catch up on your Zzz’s. The perfect answer for any gal on the go!

Dear Santa, please leave one for me under the tree!

Cheers to this Happy Hour Inspiration!


Who doesn’t love a good cocktail?! And making a cocktail at home can be SO nice. We all like to mix it up a bit and sometimes we want more than just a plain ol’ gin and tonic! Be inspired with our Constitutions of Classic Cocktail Poster! Over 40 different types of alcohol are listed, in addition to a slew of mixers. The exact measurements, as well as proper glassware are listed as well so you can THE mixologist of the hour. We especially LOVE the fun pops of color, making this the perfect poster to hang behind your bar at home. Shake it up and get mixin’!!

Napkin Fortunes for Dinner!


Do you remember carefully folding your notebook paper into perfect squares then triangles to make those coveted fortune tellers?Countless minutes were lost on the playground as I waited for my fortune to be revealed and boy, do I miss those days! BUT not any longer with these CUTE fortune teller napkins. Printed on 100% organic cotton, edges finished in red, words of advice are printed beneath each flap. These are great for themed dinner parties, family dinners, OR given as a hostess gift. Time to set the table!

Snap your picture!


Check out our handy iSnapx Remote! This wireless shutter remote makes taking photos SO much easier! Forget holding the phone as far out in front of you as you can to capture that perfect selfie! With iSnapx you can place your camera in the perfect spot for the  BEST picture! Simply download the app from the App store, activate and you’re set! Get camera ready and say cheese!!

Express Yourself!!




We LOVE these clever socks!! Fun and quirky, these over-the-knee socks not only keep your legs warm but are incredibly fashionable! Fruit Cake and Naughty or Nice are PERFECT for the holidays! Other styles  you can wear all year-round are great for cheese lovers, bookworms, and those science-minded folks. I don’t know about you but I’m envisioning the most AWESOME holiday photo ever!! 

Holiday Gift Guide Ready!!




Wahoo! We are so excited to be featured in Real Simple’s Holiday Gift Guide for our fourth year in a row!! Holiday picks this year are our Punch Bag Laundry Bag (because collecting your dirty clothes and doing laundry SHOULD be fun); Ryan Gosling Colouring Book (swoon, now you color and take him with you everywhere), and Kids Butcher Apron Set  (a MUST for youngsters who can’t stay out of the kitchen)!  Find it all on pages 60, 64 & 82! We LOVE these gifts and know you will too!

We also have some other items here at the shop that are featured in Real Simple! Be sure to check ’em out! Sloane Stationery Notebooks are witty and perfect for jotting things down; Apotheke Charcoal Soap, which we are completely obsessed with; Maileg’s mice come in three sizes and make the most adorable mice family EVER; Woodland nightlights bring a bit of nature indoors; and Nunu chocolates, YUMMY!!!

SO many great things! Find something for someone special and something for yourself too!

Ready, set, WRITE!


Image       Image


Whether you are sitting down to write a letter to your BFF, jot notes for your next big presentation at work, or doodle in your journal, do it in style with these FAB writing sets from Snow and Graham. These fun and quirky pens (all black ink) come in there different styles: The Keep Set; The Business Set; and The Doodle Set. Sometimes, all it takes is an inspirational pen to get you writing! The perfect set is waiting for you!!

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