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A little Bill Thrill…



Who isn’t a Bill Murray fan?! He’s been is  SO many hits, it’s hard to not have a bit of soft spot for this guy. We are LOVING our Thrill Murray coloring book! Some of his best characters fill these pages. Copy the guide on the right hand side of the book OR color as you like! This is an AWESOME gift. And, ahem, Groundhog day is just around the corner ;).


Check it out….



Just last week, the folks from Racked were at the shop to interview Ann for their series: Better Know A Store Owner, as well as take a few pix of the shop!! We are such huge fans of Racked, it’s an honor to be featured! We are also LOVING the awesome photos of new items we have in the shop! Read the whole interview here!

The perfect pair!



We LOVE this decanter + glass set from Govino! It’s shatterproof design makes it easy to take anywhere. Always the perfect wine container, this set can be used for other beverages as well. We think it doubles as the perfect bedside table water container. ( No spilling with the glass on top, and if you accidentally knock it over in the middle of the night, no glass to clean up in the morning. Double win!) Time to start drinking!

Don’t Lose Your Keys…



We LOVE these KEYTAGS by Various Projects and their witty words and phrases. Some of our faves: Stolen Bike, Sorry Ass Apartment, Think Tank, Liquor Cabinet, Brooklyn and Dungeon (not photographed). I have a serious “I forgot my keys” and “I lost my keys” problem, but I don’t want to lose my keytag, so problem solved!! We also love that these are made in Brooklyn!

Straight to the heart…


We are a little crazy for arrows and are HUGE fans of these beauties by Fletcher and Fox. Seriously. So. Pretty. We think they are perfect if you decide to play cupid this Valentine’s. And after the big Feb 14th holiday, they are an eye-catching item that will add a bit of rustic decor to your home.

And what about those other arrow items?! Well, we have temporary tattoos, arrow pens, Kiel James Patrick bracelets, and cards galore! Come by the shop and check them out! 

In case of an emergency…..


Be sure to stock up on our Emergency Moustaches. Our Tom Selleck look alike sells this pack of six well! You never know when you might need a stache…. we’re hoping, pretty much everyday.

Candle Craziness



We are crazy for these candles!! Not only do they smell amazing, the witty phrases printed on the container make us laugh. We also think it is beyond awesome that these candles were purposefully made to have an afterlife. The container is a whiskey glass! What?! After burning the candle, thoroughly clean and pour yourself a drink! We hope you agree that this is the PERFECT candle!

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