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We know you’re Brilliant….



Which is why you we think this journal is PERFECT for you! We don’t want you to forget anything. Fill the pages of this notebook with those “million dollar” ideas that pop into your head during the middle of the night, on your commute, or sitting at your desk. Then show the world just how Fucking Brilliant you are!


We LOVE to Party!!



We love to have fun and know you do too! Our Party Time headband is just the thing to express your inner party animal. Fun for birthdays, dinner parties or that dance party you occasionally have in your living room! We enjoy finding reasons to celebrate every chance we get. After all, every day is a party! 

Which One Are You?






We just can’t resist a good pun! I know, I know, they’re the lowest of the low, but add in a dash of good design and you get something like these brilliant Coaster Coasters! See what they did there?!? Each set of four is made from Baltic birch and proudly announces your geographical allegiance. $36


Happy Feet!


We think these socks are just about the coolest thing. Pick your favorite animal rivals and let the fun begin! Wear a pair every day of the week no matter your mood. Choose from Tiger vs. Lion, Dog vs. Cat, T-Rex vs. Triceratops, Owl vs. Mouse, Shark vs. Penguin, and Dolphin vs. Fish. Kids will LOVE wearing these!

Butt, butt, butt….



These safari butt magnets are one of our new FAVES!! Simply hilarious, we think they’ll be the perfect addition to every fridge. We guarantee they will keep you laughing.

We LOVE Fridays!!



The workday is coming to an end! Hopefully that means happy hour for you! Whether you are going out to your favorite bar or heading home to mix your own cocktail, we love these coasters and the friendly reminder that: Alcohol is Fun. This set is complete with cocktail swords – now that is some SERIOUS fun. You’ve worked hard, so treat yourself tonight!

What’s in your Junk Drawer?



We all have a junk drawer filled with random odds and ends. It’s the drawer you hope no one ever opens! We LOVE this clever chalk set designed by Matt Austin Studio, appropriately named “Junk Drawer“. Now you can have fun writing with that junk.

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