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Let’s Twist Again…


We are crazy for classic games, such as Twister! It’s a game that everyone can play, whether you are young or old, and after a few spins you’ll be laughing by how tied up you are. Start spinning and test your flexibility. $24

It’s Wednesday and You are Where you Need to Be…


We are a little crazy for totes BUT how can you not be when there are so many AWESOME ones?! We love this tote bag and it’s positive message. We all have those days when we question things and nothing seems to go our way but power through the tough stuff and know that You are Exactly Where You Need to Be! $16

Chill Out with our Fridge Box…


We’ve been seeing lots of ADORABLE back to school pix! It’s hard to believe that it’s that time of year but we are getting our school supplies together, sharpening our pencils and ready to head out! Packing your lunch is a back to school essential and we LOVE this bento box, designed as a vintage fridge. The compartments will keep all of your foods safe (no touching!) and it comes with a fork and spoon. You just might have the coolest lunch box at the lunch table. $16

Find your way to the best diners in NYC…

diner map


We love these foodie maps and are SO excited to add the NYC Diner Map to  our Burger and Doughnut Map family. Tuck this map in your bag and take to the streets! Everyone knows NYC has some phenomenal diners. It is a true task to try them all, but you can at least hit up the 38 featured here. Choose your favorite and start making some diner memories. $8.50

Get Stampin’…


How cute is this stamp ring?! It’s the perfect little accessory for your daily note-writing needs. Leave a little hello wherever you go – it will make everyone’s day! We love that the ring is adjustable and it comes with this little stamp pad. All you need is some AWESOME stationery. $14

Keep it Together…


We don’t know about you, but our schedules are getting BUSY! We love these new zipper pouches they’re fun and perfect for carrying all the little things. Fill them up with pens, pencils, makeup, snacks and anything else you need to get you through your hectic week! They’re also a great reminder to “stay focused” – the weekend will be here before you know it! $12

Grab this Growler and Go…


We hope you’re enjoying  your weekend! It’s a beautiful one here – seriously, hard to believe it is August with that cool breeze! It’s making us long for a picnic in the park. And no picnic is complete without your favorite beer. We are loving this gorgeous growler, complete with the Venn Diagram of Beer. Fill ‘er up! $18

Pack it in…



Who’s ready to head back to school? It’s hard to believe that it is right around the corner (enjoy those few last weeks of summer!). Our bright yellow back pack is getting us excited, though. It just screams fun! Fill it with your notepads, pencils, pens, lunch and more. You’ll be arriving in style. $75

Be Awesome…


We are totes crazy for this new, totally awesome tote! The bold, graphic print makes a statement, and we believe you should be awesome today and everyday. Grab yours, and well, just show the world how awesome you are… $16

Everyone needs a touch of neon…


We are going crazy for Neon! One of our new favorite items in the shop is our Neon Peel & Stick Chalkboard (available in pink and green). The pop of color will brighten any room and we don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to write our list of to-do’s on one of these! They just scream fun.  And yes, chores CAN be fun! $12

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