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Eating our hearts out at Etsy! (An Autumn/Annie Excursion)

etsylogolgrgbLet’s face it, everyone loves Etsy (and if they don’t they should!). Personally, I’ve always adored browsing or buying from all the great people who post/promote their wares, so when Annie told me we’d been invited for lunch at their location in DUMBO I nearly fainted from excitement.

Upon arrival I was incredibly impressed with the space (as expected). From a towering DIY owl-sculpture (made entirely out of what appeared to be cardboard boxes) to snack-sized pamphlets on why you should move to New York City (if you haven’t already), the aesthetic was exactly what I envisioned.

But what impressed me even more than the swirly, felted walls (artistic soundproofing!) or the verdant displays of hanging foliage was their enthusiasm and dedication.

Often times when consumers become familiar with such an amazing and authentic company, they may take its ethos for granted and forget how passionate the people behind it actually are. That’s how I felt at Etsy. Talking with Vanessa (wholesale) and Rand (marketing) and hearing them discuss the company’s constant attempts at improvement and evolution was an inspiring reminder of what a good company is or should be. In essence, they are all about preserving what makes Etsy unique, but also allowing it to become something better.

And they are doing just that in terms of purchasing wholesale! Now buyers big or small can purchase wholesale from Etsy vendors in a much simpler way engaging in a whole online world of DIY wonder and delight…allowing people like us to provide people like you with a wider selection of increasingly unique items! What’s not to love?

As the New York State motto says: “Excelsior” or in plain English…”Ever Upward”!

C is for Cookie…and Cassette!



Cassette Tape Cookie Cutter – $16

Is anyone else a little freaked out by the fact that these days, there are children who don’t know what a cassette is? With all of our gadgets and gizmos, even CDs are considered retro (shudder). It seems only yesterday I was using a pencil to rewind and repair all that ribbon….

Luckily, a whole new generation can be introduced to the glory that is the cassette…in cookie form! These super cool stainless steel cookie cutters are a fun reminder of simpler times; perfect for the nostalgic 20+ baker, music enthusiasts, or anyone who enjoys a darn good cookie! 

Pencils with Personality! (Featured in New York Magazine)


Pencils with Personality, set of 12 – $22.50

Crayola was close to brilliance when they started naming their colors after things like “mac-n-cheese” and “inchworm”. I’ll admit I loved  searching through my box (120 count, of course) and reading all of the uber-descriptive and exotic names. But even though they were fun and descriptive, they were missing personality…they were missing sass!

Well my fellow color-lovers, despair not. While they’re not quite the chubby nostalgic crayon, these gorgeous colored pencils have got you colored! Er…I mean covered! Whether you’re feeling mellowy-yellowy or you’ve got a serious case of the moody blues, these Pencils with Personality are perfect for expressing yourself on the page. They even come in a slick metal case, perfect for simple yet stylish storage. Get them for yourself, or buy them for a friend! Either way, they are sure to be appreciated – unless you are a robot.

Top Me Off! (Insights from the New Intern)

Tops Malibu Surprize Balls $4.00 each.

Swimming in a sea of stationery and letterpress may be overwhelming, especially on an interns second day! Walking up and down row after row of stalls may also cause sensory overload even though everything is so fabulous. Yet despite the gorgeous and ridiculously adorable cards, prints and calendars, one stall definitely stole the show: Tops Malibu.

Featuring a range of products for party and play, Tops Malibu combines the beauty and simplicity of old-fashioned trinkets and treats while adding a creative and colorful twist making them a hit with adults and children alike. From their golden sparklers, to their candy colored pea-shooters, they truly are a unique and exciting company.

But of everything I saw at their dazzling display, my favorite Tops Malibu products have to be their Surprize Balls. Simply unwrap the colorful layers or to find an assortment of goodies, games, charms, candies and more! They’re perfect for parties and party favors, or if you just want to give yourself a little treat. We’re getting them in shortly, so be on the lookout!


Insights from the Intern: Pinterest Obsessed

Some of you may not know that Annie’s has a Pinterest account!! We have been pinning everything new and everything that inspires us! You should definitely check us out! Just search “Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store” and we should pop up. This is definitely the best way to see what’s new in the store!

Insights From the Intern: Cool Kids on the Block…

If you want your little tike to look totally rockin’ on the first day back to school, you absolutely MUST have these new Kanken Bags. Fresh, new, and hip- these backpacks will make your little one stand out amongst the crowd. For the mini series we have 4 colors- blue, forest green, red, and putty.  These came in and I was immediately in looooooove. Good thing they make them for adults too!! They are slim enough to look feminine on a woman but utilitarian enough to remain masculine. They could make a perfect gifts for teens off to college or that person who is always on the go. Totally one of the most versatile bags I have seen in a LONG time. I mean, you can use it as a hand bag OR a backpack, all the while carrying your computer in the computer sleeve and water bottle in the bottle pocket.  On top of all that, the European aesthetic really gives these bags the X-factor. What’s not to be obsessed with??? Kanken Classic Backpack– $75, Kanken Mini Backpack– $55. Check out all of our Back to School Merchandise online!!

Insights from the Intern: Organic Scores!!

After doing some very intense blog reading and pinning, I came across some sleek looking organic body washes! BUT, to make the pot sweeter, I found out that the vendor was a socially and environmentally conscious company and was located right nearby! At Annie’s we  love supporting local small businesses so I did some chatting and got all 4 of the body washes in the store! They smell so so yummy, and who could resist the sleek packaging? I’m obsessed! They even have a non-scented baby wash! All of these are sure to help you do just what the name says- Get Happy, Wake up, or Calm Down. Organic Body Washes- $15 

June 2020