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Cleaning has never been so easy…


Weekends are time for fun BUT most of us spend at least a few hours on our days off tidying up our homes and apartments. Make cleaning FUN with our mop slippers!! Slide your feet right in and then take a stroll around your place, picking up dust bunnies and dirt. Some may call this “lazy” cleaning. We think it is the best way to multi-task! Weekend hours are precious, right?! $10

It’s time to tackle those stains…


We are so excited to have The Laundress at the shop on Saturday, April 26 from 11am – 12pm, demonstrating the proper way to care for our clothes and get rid of those stubborn stains! The time has finally arrived for some spring cleaning and that means washing those winter clothes the right way before you officially put them away. We know you will walk away a laundry expert! See you then!

What’s in your Junk Drawer?



We all have a junk drawer filled with random odds and ends. It’s the drawer you hope no one ever opens! We LOVE this clever chalk set designed by Matt Austin Studio, appropriately named “Junk Drawer“. Now you can have fun writing with that junk.

Treat Yourself in 2014

Treat Yourself Kate Spade Tote


If you’re like us, you LOVE reusable tote bags! This one just happens to be one of our favorites because quite frankly, you should be treating yourself every single day! Doesn’t the bright pink just make you instantly happy?! Stick this tote in your bag on your way out the door – you never know what you might find while you’re strolling the neighborhood or running errands after work. And if you find yourself having second thoughts, remember…. Treat Yourself! 

Holiday Gift Guide Ready!!




Wahoo! We are so excited to be featured in Real Simple’s Holiday Gift Guide for our fourth year in a row!! Holiday picks this year are our Punch Bag Laundry Bag (because collecting your dirty clothes and doing laundry SHOULD be fun); Ryan Gosling Colouring Book (swoon, now you color and take him with you everywhere), and Kids Butcher Apron Set  (a MUST for youngsters who can’t stay out of the kitchen)!  Find it all on pages 60, 64 & 82! We LOVE these gifts and know you will too!

We also have some other items here at the shop that are featured in Real Simple! Be sure to check ’em out! Sloane Stationery Notebooks are witty and perfect for jotting things down; Apotheke Charcoal Soap, which we are completely obsessed with; Maileg’s mice come in three sizes and make the most adorable mice family EVER; Woodland nightlights bring a bit of nature indoors; and Nunu chocolates, YUMMY!!!

SO many great things! Find something for someone special and something for yourself too!

What’s a Family Reunion without some blood… no worries with The Laundress’ Stain Solution!

stain solutionWe had a Cantrell Family Reunion recently– four boys ages 5- 12 and Cocobeans (who just turned 2, btw). About 45 minutes in to the fun, little Andrew (who is a BIG 5 year old) fell off the monkey bars and suddenly our reunion turned into a blood bath. My sweet husband, the Big Gorilla stepped in to try to help. All was okay after a 5 hour wait at Urgent Care and some “glue.” We still managed to get in lots of HUGS and CATCH UP TIME! In the thick of it though, the Big Gorilla got blood all over his new shirt from the little guy. No worries though, I knew I’d get it all out with some Stain Solution. And it worked!!! I also have used it a ton this summer on Coco’s clothes, my white jeans, for underarm stains and pretty much daily summer living. Get a big bottle, or try the smaller size out for a spin. Stain Solution– $16 for 16 ounce size.


I am spending the morning ORGANIZING! My desk drawer looks especially fabulous thanks to our new Office Accessories- all conveniently packed in kraft boxes, to keep everything in the right place and looking good. Sold individually or as a set. Anything that helps keeps us on our game is not considered a want, but rather a need. You need these.  Go for it! Desk Accessories- sold individually starting at $7, or as a set for $50.


I am in LOVE with these new tea towels. Can’t have enough tea towels I always say. Easy As Pie, Piece of Cake or Keep it Simple. Lovely housewarming present, makes a pretty gift! Easy As Pie Tea Towel– $25.

Coolest Ice Pack EVER (& VERY functional)

Stainless Steel Ice Pack

Stainless Steel Ice Pack

My love for inanimate objects keeps growing–the latest item I am smitten with is this Stainless Steel Ice Pack. It’s slim enough (about the size of an iphone) to fit into our Stainless Steel Lunch Containers (which by the way are airtight and very cool looking and compact), but also super helpful on many levels. As a mom, I am now always in need of ice packs to keep little Cocobeans’ bottles and food cold while we are out & about, so am thrilled to find these. Stainless Steel Ice Pack– $15.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: the non-technical kind

We are all set for Back to School at the shop (check out lots of awesome goodies for headed back to school/work/whatever here) but we have all spent countless hours debating one important question: which planner should we buy. I tried to go all digital, but it’s just not working for me people– I need to see my crazy handwriting to realize something important is happening tmrw at 2. Jess gravitated to Knock Knock’s Academic Planner, above- in our fav Kelly green (it comes with a plastic sleeve in there which would be great for biz cards, receipts, even extra cash). I am leaning more towards the Draw Your Tomorrow Planner that we talked about earlier. And then there is also this cool TOMORROW White Planner that is sleek and cool and just the right size for my everyday bag. All of them are thin and portable, but also are spiral bound which my friend Jill pointed out will be good for laying flat on my desk…. Lots of choices! And many great options…. Academic Planner– $16.

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