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We LOVE Fridays!!



The workday is coming to an end! Hopefully that means happy hour for you! Whether you are going out to your favorite bar or heading home to mix your own cocktail, we love these coasters and the friendly reminder that: Alcohol is Fun. This set is complete with cocktail swords – now that is some SERIOUS fun. You’ve worked hard, so treat yourself tonight!

What deep freeze?!

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Chilly weather seems to be hitting everyone everywhere as this “deep freeze” make its way across the country. Today in Brooklyn, it’s only 12 degrees!!! Brrrrrr. Our National Park blankets from Pendleton are the perfect thing to keep you warm! The name of each blanket honors a national park and the colors have been chosen to reflect special characteristics of each park. The color combinations are fabulous. Bundle up in 100% pure virgin wool and hibernate!!

Time to DETOX

7780 for blogJust in time for some Post Holiday/ New Years Cleansing, check out our Detox Pamper Pack. It contains all you need to revitalize and prepare yourself for the week ahead (contents: 1 x Cucumber & Aloe Vera Face Mask 1 x Wild Rose Revitalizing Eye Pads 1 x Jojoba Creamy, Revitalizing Leave-in Hair Mask 1 x Aromatherapy Intensive Foot Cream). YUM!! Detox Pamper Pack-$12.

Sea Salt Soap- we have devotees…

We love this new Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap, and we’re not the only ones– some customers are addicted to this stuff! Mineral rich salts naturally obtained from sea water are used in the bath because of their tonic action and softening effect on the skin. Sounds heavenly to me! Sea Salt Soap– $6.50.

Brrrrr…it’s cold out there!

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It’s official, winter is finally here! The sunshine, oh how deceiving it is – as much as I want to walk around and see what’s happening in the neighborhood, that temp reading on my phone keeps me indoors! When the weather is like this, all I can think about is warm winter drinks! Hot cocoa to be specific, and not just any hot cocoa, Mom’s hot cocoa.  It might be the easiest recipe and most likely, you have everything you need in your pantry and fridge: milk, one can of evaporated milk (the skim kind works just fine) and Hershey’s powdered chocolate.

For four servings: stir together 2-3 cups milk, evaporated milk and 1/2 cup of chocolate (don’t be afraid to add more!) in a pot on the stove until it just starts to boil. Pour into mugs and top with marshmallows or whip cream. The end result: a warm, creamy, chocolate drink!

Enjoy! And stay warm!

The Notebook of Picasso, Hemingway … and You!

Perhaps writing your first novel is on your list of New Years Resolutions, or maybe you just a Moleskine junkie? Moleskine notebooks are famed for their celebrated devotees, like Picasso and Hemingway, but with this gorgeous Moleskine Writing Box, now you can harness your inner creative as well. Containing a black ruled notebook and an attachable ABS pen, the writing box is perfect for jotting down notes at a coffeeshop, keeping a travel journal on the road, or penning the next great novel. Here’s to writing in style. Moleskine Writing Box – $39.95.

Splish Splash (Pops), I was Taking a Bath

How fun are these?! We just can’t get enough of our new Splash Pops – lollipop shaped sponges to brighten up bath or shower time for anyone. Whether you’re a lover of all things lollipop or just tired of your old loofa, pick one of these up today. You could also pair with some scrumptious shower gel for the perfect present. Splash Pops – $6.95.

Thanks also to the Food Network Magazine for featuring our Splash Pops in their December 2011 issue!

Hello, Fall!!!!

It’s rainy and cool in Brooklyn today. Yes, cool! As in, 62° cool. While we all assess the state of our sweater collections and polish up our boots, I find I only want to do one thing: nest. To be fair, I want to do this most of the year, but I do make more of an effort when the days are longer. But rainy days like this are made for staying in with a good puzzle.

Offensive Play new Yorker Puzzle, $16.95

Our new 500 piece puzzle from the New Yorker is a perfect project, with the added benefit of bringing to mind another great thing about fall–football! I’m not a huge sports fan, but as a native Hoosier I do proudly support the Indianapolis Colts. And I just love the traditions. Just like a beer and a hot dog at the ballpark feel like summer, football feels like fall. So let’s snuggle down and get puzzling!!!

101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die

101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die, $19.95

I’m was just gift wrapping a copy of this new book for a customer and thinking, “This would be a great gift….for ME!” I’m still a novice to the wonderful world of whiskey (or whisky if you prefer).  But a recent tasting excursion with friends turned me into a believer. We were purchasing a wedding gift for some whiskey-loving friends and decided the only way to make an informed decision was to try as many styles as possible. Fortunately when you live in New York, finding a bar specializing in whiskey is not difficult. We tasted lots of types, grading them with a special system (we’re an analytical bunch) and even creating illustrations to communicate qualities when the evening devolved past words (hey, we weren’t wasting the whiskey). Now that we have this book in stock, I’m envisioning a second meeting o the Brooklyn Whiskey Tasters Club!!

Graffiti: Art or Vandalism?

Graffiti Puzzle: new York, $11.95

Graffiti Puzzle: New York, $11.95

Did you know the singular form of graffiti is graffito? Graffiti art hasn’t exactly hit the mainstream art scene, but it’s a distinctive aspect of life in the big city. Much of it is silly: obscene drawings or indecipherable chicken scratches. But in recent years, critics have begun recognizing the talent and wit of particular artists such as Banksy and Lady Pink. Enter: Graffiti Puzzles!! Graffiti takes a big step on the way to legitimacy with these cleverly-packaged puzzles. The mock spray cans look just like the real thing, and even sound like it when you shake the can. This will be a fun gift for my puzzle-obsessed mother. She may plan on putting together a sweet seasonal landscape or Santa’s workshop at Christmas, but I think I’ll surprise her with a slightly more contemporary design this year. Available in New York, London, and Tokyo.

Graffiti Puzzle: London, $11.95

Graffiti Puzzle: Tokyo, $11.95

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