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Going Some Where this Weekend…


Be sure to take our FUN travel game with you! No one will think about the time spent in the car and you might not even hear one “Are we there yet?” This game is a take on the ever so popular “Eye Spy”. Deal 5 cards to each player and let the game begin. Whoever spots the most items/collects the most cards,  wins! Includes 108 cards and instructions.  You’ll be amazed at all the fun things you see along the road! $10

Take me to the Beach…


Memorial Weekend is the “official” summer start date and the beaches are FINALLY open!! No matter where you live, we are all keeping our fingers crossed that the weather stays warm and those pesky showers stay far away. As you pack your bag to head to the beach, be sure to put in our Beach Sounds Radio! This bad boy lets you listen to the radio OR plug in your phone and rock out to your favorite play list. Even better – this radio is water resistant so you can sit as close to the waves as you like. Now, head to the beach! $45

We’re feeling quite S’well


S’well bottles are simply our favorite! They keep your drinks crazy cold or piping hot – a MUST for life on the go. The new wood collection is beyond fabulous. This beautiful dark wood bottle is begging for you to tote it around – stay hydrated – and help Mother Nature too! For every wood bottle purchased, American Forest will plant one tree! $36

my love for inanimate objects continues- Camera Lens Mug

8872_th for blog

My love for inanimate objects continues today with one of my favorite new products of all time- this super cool (and life-like) camera lens mug. Fill it with coffee up and get snappin’! Camera Lens Mug– $24

Banana Savers SAVED the day!

banansaver girlsIt was another crazy fun day over here at the General Store– especially thanks to these fun girls. Sabrina (in the middle) called a few times this afternoon confirming we had Bananasavers in stock– and YES, of course we did. These lovely ladies were on a hunt for them and drove all over Manhattan looking for them (they were soo excited, they asked me to take their picture!). Luckily, thanks to asking around and google, they found us and they bought almost our whole stash (don’t worry, we will reorder tmrw). I carry mine everywhere and it is literally one of the most asked about products in the shop. Get one (or 10 or 20!) for yourself! Bananasavers (with carabiners)– $8.

iCords in Woman’s Day- Yay!

7713Our fun & functional iCords are in this months Woman’s Day Magazine- Yayy!!! I bought one of these straight away as my iPhone charging cord looked like it was a major fire hazard (wires always seem to fray near plug, seems like a major design flaw in Apple’s otherwise amazing systems). Loving this bright green color too- perfect way to “warm” up during the cold winter months. iCords– $20 each.

Banana Savers- are you bananas for bananas? protect yours :)

I carry our Banana Saver every day and use it constantly. It seriously hold ( and protects) every size and shape banana I’ve ever put in there. Nothing drives me bonkers like a bruised banana. Coco loves bananas, I love bananas and of course my Big Gorilla is bananas for bananas. Lately I’ve noticed a crazy phenomenon though: strangers stop me on the street and ask me where I got it, friends demand I sell them mine, out of town friends (most recently from Turkey) text me to say WE NEED BANANA SAVER! Or more correctly, two. Most people seem to buy them in pairs, maybe to give one to a friend who would also appreciate it? Anyway, get yours now! Banana Savers– $6.

Coolest Ice Pack EVER (& VERY functional)

Stainless Steel Ice Pack

Stainless Steel Ice Pack

My love for inanimate objects keeps growing–the latest item I am smitten with is this Stainless Steel Ice Pack. It’s slim enough (about the size of an iphone) to fit into our Stainless Steel Lunch Containers (which by the way are airtight and very cool looking and compact), but also super helpful on many levels. As a mom, I am now always in need of ice packs to keep little Cocobeans’ bottles and food cold while we are out & about, so am thrilled to find these. Stainless Steel Ice Pack– $15.

Feeding the World never looked so cool…

I’m totally BONKERS for this Feed the World Cookie Cutter. It’s an amazing way to share the love by helping feed the world (packed in this cool BIG box- part of the proceeds go to combat world hunger). Make cookies shaped like all the continents; there is even a recipe on the box so you can’t miss. ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS EVER! Love it! Feed the World Cookie Cutters– $20.

Let There Be Light!

Led Lantern – $15.00

Talk about a fun and functional item! This LED Lantern has a classic and super rustic design, but runs on batteries and can be used both inside and out. Whether you’re going camping for the weekend, just getting prepared for a possible power outage, or are hoping to bring some prairie charm to your city flat, you’ve gotta check this puppy out. Bonus design element: a reflector is positioned above the LEDs to cast the light evenly in every direction. See fun and functional! LED Lantern – $15.00

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