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Think Big!



Think Big and follow your dreams!! We are so in love with this poster and it’s inspirational message. (Currently there are three hanging in our windows) We love the reminder to continually push ourselves and keep thinking outside the box! Also, aren’t these bright colors just amazing?! No more waiting ’til tomorrow – start living out those dreams today!




It’s no surprise that Oxford Dictionary chose “selfie” as their word of the year for 2013! Everyone is a bit selfie crazy these days, posting on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And if you watched the Oscars, you will recall that Ellen tweeted an amazing selfie of A-List Celebrities. (Such a great moment!) We love this print and it’s message to “Be Your Best”! Go ahead, take those selfies and post away! We can’t wait to see them!

We know you’re Brilliant….



Which is why you we think this journal is PERFECT for you! We don’t want you to forget anything. Fill the pages of this notebook with those “million dollar” ideas that pop into your head during the middle of the night, on your commute, or sitting at your desk. Then show the world just how Fucking Brilliant you are!

Which One Are You?






We just can’t resist a good pun! I know, I know, they’re the lowest of the low, but add in a dash of good design and you get something like these brilliant Coaster Coasters! See what they did there?!? Each set of four is made from Baltic birch and proudly announces your geographical allegiance. $36


This is Your Life.



We are HUGE fans of this Manifesto poster, created by three brothers. And we are not the only ones! This inspirational poster can be found in offices and homes across the country. Today they were featured on New Tech City! Check out the podcast here!

We could not be happier for this amazing company! Way to go!

Let’s be Freaks and Geeks Together


We LOVE this print from The Great Lakes! (It’s also available in the shop as a card!) Beautifully hand silk screened in bright neon colors, this print is the best way to express the perfect relationship. Admit it, freaks + geeks = true love.

Snap your picture!


Check out our handy iSnapx Remote! This wireless shutter remote makes taking photos SO much easier! Forget holding the phone as far out in front of you as you can to capture that perfect selfie! With iSnapx you can place your camera in the perfect spot for the  BEST picture! Simply download the app from the App store, activate and you’re set! Get camera ready and say cheese!!

It Won’t Turn Your Teeth Black. I Promise.


Continuing our series of posts about the amazing benefits of Binchotan charcoal, this week’s star is the Binchotan Black Toothbrush. That’s right, folks. This toothbrush has black bristles! High-quality Binchotan charcoal from Wakayama, Japan is blended into each bristle. The negative ions given off are effective in reducing plaque, killing bacteria, and eliminating bad breath. One of our great customers also pointed out the slim handle fits into older toothbrush holders, which is uncommon in today’s styles. So far, I’m loving the toothbrush! The bristles are just the right balance between firm and soft for my taste. They stand up to my hard brushing style without tearing up my gums. I also really like that the charcoal also inhibits bacteria in the brush itself, keeping it nice and fresh until it’s time to replace. 

Charcoal is the new Black


I am obsessed with charcoal! We have lots of great new products incorporating the myriad benefits of binchotan charcoal. For the next few weeks I will highlight those products and give some more information about their uses and benefits. Charcoal is useful all around the home, from the kitchen to the garden, and even in your beauty regime. We carry loose charcoal sticks, charcoal-infused toothbrushes, pumice stones, eye masks, and my favorite: facial puffs. The puff feels hard to the touch, but softens right up under water. It’s not abrasive like many scrubs and puffs, but it leaves my skin glowing and baby soft. My skin swings toward southern European oiliness, and I’ve noticed a real difference since using this regularly in the shower. Charcoal balances your PH levels, which reduces excess oil production. I absolutely love it! Check back next week for more about binchotan charcoal and it’s many uses!!

Down with DOMA!!!


We were thrilled to hear yesterday that the ironically-named Defense of Marriage Act was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. To all our friends and family directly affected by this ruling, we celebrate this momentous victory with you and look forward to continuing this path toward equal protection and rights for all everyone!

January 2021