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I’m Addicted to the A,B,C’s… A is for AMAZING…

Soo I realized the other day that I am ADDICTED to the iconography of the ABC’s. You can see above (mind the glare please!) that we had all the letters of the alphabet framed in the shop. They are $20 each, framed and going fast! They are all one-offs, so get them while you can!! We also can order you a whole set for $156- unframed- in any colorway you’d like (ours are our wonderful blue-ribbon-blue). A school in the making just ordered 2 sets so we are excited to be a part of their new world (they even changed some of the words to fit their theme, ie. K is for Knowledge). Anyway- that is just the tip of the iceberg, to the left of the letters you can see we have 2 other ABC framed artworks, plus these great books and wall cards:

Alphabeasties, $19.99 one of the coolest graphically designed kids books I have ever seen, and now back in stock!

Another awesome ABC book, this one with BEAUTIFUL pictures of all these lovely animals, $19.99.

People have been pairing this wonderful book with these flashcards too-

A-Z flashcards, $35. Learning the ABC’s was never soo much fun!!


Learning your ABC’s never looked so good

A-Z flashcardsA-z flashcards- openLove these gorgeous Flashcards for Kids (!?). From Anteaters to Zebras, each letter of the alphabet is paired with a detail of the animal along with the upper and lowercase letters. The backs of the cards show a silhouette of the full animal and an interesting fact about its unique feature. For example, did you know, rabbits can see behind them without even turning their heads? Illustrations are by Mark Fisher. $35.

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