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Spread Love and Kisses…


It’s hard to believe the end of January is here! We’ve been thinking ahead and are looking forward to February, especially Valentine’s Day. We LOVE these adorable, comfy raglan T-shirts, available in kid and adult sizes. They are the perfect gift for the “month of Love” and can continue to be worn all year long. Black, white and pink is always a great color combo. Get one for yourself and one for a friend! $26 – $30

Wahoo! Did you see us on Fox News…

Fox News

This past Saturday, we were thrilled to have Fox News and co-anchor Bryan Llenas filming at the shop ALL day, for their awesome coverage of Small Business Saturday. Fifth Avenue was bustling! We are so thankful for all of our AMAZING customers – we wouldn’t be here without you! If you missed the news on Saturday, here is a clip of the segment:

The Fox team got great shots of the shop, and we love that they featured our fabulous products from local vendors. Saturday was the perfect way to kick off our holiday season!

Hang Ten!


Surf’s up, bro! Our ever-popular Toy Boarders have been re-imagined for some summer fun as Surf Boarders! We fell in love with this take on the classic little green army man as skate-boarders, and this newest edition is just as clever and fun! Each set of 24 comes with 8 different REAL surf poses, including a lady surfer. Fun for all ages!!

Sweet, Sweet Paul!!


We just added a new title to our magazine selection and it is my new obsession! Sweet Paul is based on the beautiful blog of Paul Lowe, a master of cooking and crafting. The quarterly magazine is packed full of delicious recipes, fun crafts, and clever decor ideas. The photography is absolutely gorgeous on heavy matte paper, earning this a permanent spot on my bookshelf, instead of heading to the recycling pile. I already have a few recipes (figuratively) earmarked: Brussel Sprouts with Blue Cheese, Asparagus and Lemon Ricotta Tarts, Ramp Chimichurri….and the cakes! Oh, the cakes. If they taste a fraction of how good they look this mag is worth it’s weight in gold. Carrot Cakes, Oreo Cakes, Maple Syrup Cakes, Malibu Cake (a twist on a coconut cake with Malibu rum)….yes, this is just in one issue. If you manage to make it past all that without overdosing on DELICIOUS, then you can even learn to make fun stuff like paper flowers. Here’s to the Sweet (Paul) Life!!

Which One Are You?






We just can’t resist a good pun! I know, I know, they’re the lowest of the low, but add in a dash of good design and you get something like these brilliant Coaster Coasters! See what they did there?!? Each set of four is made from Baltic birch and proudly announces your geographical allegiance. $36


Fast as Lightening! Let “Shwings” take you across the finish line!



The New York City Marathon is happening on November 3! Whether you are a running enthusiast or a spectator, the energy and excitement surrounding this great event can be felt from the East to West Coast. Running 26.2 miles is no easy feat, but the feeling you have when you cross the finish line makes those months of training and long runs SO worth it. While out on the route, runners need all the support they can get and any extra good luck charm is well worth it. We LOVE the lightening bolts and wings from Shwings. These bad buddies will give you that additional edge you need to complete that 26.2! You can totally forget “hitting the wall.” We wish all the runners the best of luck!

my love for inanimate objects continues- Camera Lens Mug

8872_th for blog

My love for inanimate objects continues today with one of my favorite new products of all time- this super cool (and life-like) camera lens mug. Fill it with coffee up and get snappin’! Camera Lens Mug– $24

Charcoal is the new Black


I am obsessed with charcoal! We have lots of great new products incorporating the myriad benefits of binchotan charcoal. For the next few weeks I will highlight those products and give some more information about their uses and benefits. Charcoal is useful all around the home, from the kitchen to the garden, and even in your beauty regime. We carry loose charcoal sticks, charcoal-infused toothbrushes, pumice stones, eye masks, and my favorite: facial puffs. The puff feels hard to the touch, but softens right up under water. It’s not abrasive like many scrubs and puffs, but it leaves my skin glowing and baby soft. My skin swings toward southern European oiliness, and I’ve noticed a real difference since using this regularly in the shower. Charcoal balances your PH levels, which reduces excess oil production. I absolutely love it! Check back next week for more about binchotan charcoal and it’s many uses!!

MUG’s New York’s 100 Most Interesting Stores- Get in on it now!

shoptalkWe have been big fans of MUG (Manhattan Users Guide) for a long time. They are always reporting on interesting things happening around the city- on so many different levels. We even have old binders of their earliest newsletters saved (before the interweb!)… and loved when they went ad free too. Now we have one more reason to love them- they are coming out with their own book: New York’s 100 Most Interesting Stores. They are crowd sourcing the funding and you can help them meet their goal (they are only $500 away as of right now). Get more info here— we are honored to be included in it & can’t wait for it to come out!

Our Tattly Randomizer is ROCKING

photoWe are having fun with all the cool, new things at the shop- like our TATTLY RANDOMIZER!! It’s like a vending machine with temporary tattoos- the cool kind, from Tattly! For a $1.00 (quarters, please!) you can get a Tattly Temporary Tattoo. You can see a Happy Customer Here 🙂 Feeling sad because you’re not in the ‘hood? Buy packs of Tattly’s online here (lots of styles to choose from)…

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