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Save the Important Stuff…


This clever tin has become a favorite! A super -sized SAVE button is the perfect tin to store all of your important papers, notes, and photos in. We also think it would look great on any desk, next to your computer, of course! $12

Sharpen your Pencils, it’s GO time…


We had such a nice looong weekend! We hope you did too! Now it’s back to school, back to work, basically, back to everything. Keep our GIANT pencil at your desk all year long and be prepared for all that important note taking, test taking and list making that’s in your future. $6

Chill Out with our Fridge Box…


We’ve been seeing lots of ADORABLE back to school pix! It’s hard to believe that it’s that time of year but we are getting our school supplies together, sharpening our pencils and ready to head out! Packing your lunch is a back to school essential and we LOVE this bento box, designed as a vintage fridge. The compartments will keep all of your foods safe (no touching!) and it comes with a fork and spoon. You just might have the coolest lunch box at the lunch table. $16

Keep it Together…


We don’t know about you, but our schedules are getting BUSY! We love these new zipper pouches they’re fun and perfect for carrying all the little things. Fill them up with pens, pencils, makeup, snacks and anything else you need to get you through your hectic week! They’re also a great reminder to “stay focused” – the weekend will be here before you know it! $12

Pack it in…



Who’s ready to head back to school? It’s hard to believe that it is right around the corner (enjoy those few last weeks of summer!). Our bright yellow back pack is getting us excited, though. It just screams fun! Fill it with your notepads, pencils, pens, lunch and more. You’ll be arriving in style. $75

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: the non-technical kind

We are all set for Back to School at the shop (check out lots of awesome goodies for headed back to school/work/whatever here) but we have all spent countless hours debating one important question: which planner should we buy. I tried to go all digital, but it’s just not working for me people– I need to see my crazy handwriting to realize something important is happening tmrw at 2. Jess gravitated to Knock Knock’s Academic Planner, above- in our fav Kelly green (it comes with a plastic sleeve in there which would be great for biz cards, receipts, even extra cash). I am leaning more towards the Draw Your Tomorrow Planner that we talked about earlier. And then there is also this cool TOMORROW White Planner that is sleek and cool and just the right size for my everyday bag. All of them are thin and portable, but also are spiral bound which my friend Jill pointed out will be good for laying flat on my desk…. Lots of choices! And many great options…. Academic Planner– $16.

Lunch Box Notes!!!

Lunch Box Notes, $13.50

My mom always used to leave me notes everywhere when I was still living at home. In fact, on a recent trip home I saw she still has a “Happy 18th Birthday, Jess” sign up. And that’s been more than a decade almost three years!! This is the same woman that insists snowmen are acceptable for year year-round decoration, so I shouldn’t be surprised. If these adorable Lunch Box Notes had been around when I was a kid, you better believe she would’ve had them. She still addresses all our Christmas gifts to “Precious Jess” and “Darling Chris” and variations thereof.

Cleverly packaged in a brown paper lunch bag, these letterpress cards come with 5 different styles (2 of each) and room to add your own personal message. Such a sweet way to let your little (or big) one know you care!!!

Lunch Time!!!!

Lunchbots, $14.95-$19.95

For those of you a bit too mature for a sandwich box that looks like a sandwich, we have a somewhat more “elevated” way to transport your lunch. Lunchbots!! These babies are 100% stainless steel, so there’s no worry of chemicals leaching into your food, not to mention they’re a dream to clean. They’re also certified lead-free and dishwasher safe! With a variety of sizes (Uno, Duo, Eco, Pico), you’ll always have the right Bot for your lunch!

Is Your Lunch Funky?

Funky Lunch, $12.95

We’re continuing our Back To School week with this great book, Funky Lunch! This awesome book is full of great pictures and instructions on how to create fun and healthy lunches for your kids.  Best of all, there are no elaborate or specialty ingredients, and all the recipes are packed full of veggies.Whether you’re working together with your kids in the kitchen, or packing up a special surprise in their lunchbox, you need this book!!!

Sandwich Boxes–Soooooo Cute!!!!

Sandwich Box, $8.50

Bus Sandwich Box, $8.50

We’re going Back to School all week at Annie’s!! Today we’re featuring these adorable sandwich boxes. These are so cute I can’t stand it. The people seem to agree because they’ve been flying off the shelves. Get them while they last!!!!

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