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NEW!! Brooklyn Posters by Gregoire Ganter

Brooklyn Poster, $25

We love Gregoire’s beautiful photographic collages. You can see his work in our store, and order custom alphabets and name prints (great for a baby’s room!) through us. But now Gregoire has made his Brooklyn print, assembled of original photographs from all around our favorite borough, available in an 11″ x 17″ poster print. Show your Brooklyn love!!

My ABC obsession continues… Introducing Gregoire Ganter & his fabulous photography

As my obsession with the ABC’s continues I am happy to introduce Gregoire Ganter’s amazing ABC photography to the shop. When Gregoire’s first daughter was born in 2003 he was looking for cool, original pieces of art and he was inspired to start his Alphabet series. Since then his repertoire has grown and grown.  We got a few of his prints at the shop- including the NYC ABC’s above, as well as the Brooklyn piece below.

But you can get an original, custom made Alphabet all your own– like Gregoire made for me to spell out Annie. LOVE IT! Perhaps you want to put your last name and your kids name’s all mixed together, or your favorite place– Gregoire can customize whatever you’d like.

They are available in several different sizes- 8″x10″, 11″x14″, 16″x20″– all the way up to 50″x60″. The images are printed in the form of a gallery quality digital C-print in editions of 100. At the shop now we have the NYC ABC in 24″x30″ framed for $750, Brooklyn 20″x24″ framed for $600 and the Annie is $400 framed as is, 16″x20″ but all options are available in all sizes and prices start at $125. We also have the Brooklyn print as a postcard for $2.00. Come in and check out the new artwork! We also have his portfolio on hand to inspire you to make your own combination. You can read more about Gregoire here.

June 2020