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Tricks and Treats!!!

Halloween is just around the corner!! Well, maybe not just around the corner but it’s coming fast. And you know it always sneaks up! Rolling Flashing Eyeballs! Boo Goo!! Bleeding Skull Candles!?!?!?! What more do you need??? Looking for a costume fast and on the cheap? We’ve got you covered!! Our Lucha Libre Mask, Notable Mustaches, or old school masks are perfect! Or just pop on some Dino Hands and call it a day! Check out all the fun stuff online and in the shop!!


Trick or Treat?

It’s almost Trick or Treat time! Halloween will be here soon– do you know what you’re going to be yet? We have a ton of great stuff in our Halloween section (more on that tomorrow!) but remember to stop by on 10/31 if you’re in the ‘hood- show us your costume and get some candy!

It’s October!?! Halloween time…

halloween masksScared? You should be, its October already! Not quite sure where the year went, but it got cold fast.  Halloween will be here before you know it (its on a Saturday night this year, fyi)- so stock up now on our Halloween treats and treasures. Here’s a sampling- (including the masks above, $2.50 each)

DSC00789halloween stuffDSC00805DSC00806Gummi Pet Tarantulas, Crazy Bones Lollypops, Wax Mustaches, Skeleton Hiccups book, Box of Boogers, Pumpkin Patch Pop Rocks, Little Spider book, Pooping Kitty, Rechargeable Cat Flashlight, Cat Lanterns, Trick or Treat Mad Libs, Halloween loot bags AND MORE! Oh yeah- Good Times!

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