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The Bubble Wrap Costume is Back…

Bubble Wrap Big

Halloween is sneaking up on us! Of course, the BIG questions is: “What  are you going to be?!” Well, the Bubble Wrap Costume is back, by popular demand. Slip it on and let your night of fun begin. After all, who can resist popping those bubbles? No doubt, your costume will be a party favorite. $22


You’re a doll…


Is your inbox full of Costume Party invites?! ‘Tis the season to dress up and have fun, however, we find that we don’t always have time to make an elaborate costume. We love our Doll-Eye glasses – they’re an instant hit and an instant costume. When you move your head, the eyes appear to open and close just like a doll. Creepy?! Nope, totally cool.  All that’s left to make your doll look complete is a pinafore dress and a pair of Mary Janes. $8.50

Perfect For Any Occasion…..

8871Looking for a super-easy Halloween costume that is also awesome? Please allow me to show you the Bubble Wrap Costume. You’re welcome. What’s that? You don’t want to spend much money? Well this bad boy will only set you back $22, which is pretty much a steal for a costume. But what if I spill nachos all over myself? What if it rains? What if I get egged bu hooligans on the street? This costume is plastic, sillies! Just hose yourself off and keep partying!

Let’s take Halloween to the EXTREME!

Extreme Pumpkins, $13.95

Do you have your pumpkins carved yet? If not, our book Extreme Pumpkins can help you create the most creative and terrifying pumpkins on the block. Filled with such sage advise as using glow sticks to give a radioactive pumpkin a spooky green glow, this book will take your pumpkins up a notch. We also have all your carving tools, including glow-in-the-dark paint!

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