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Stay Healthy this year, the Jao way!

Step up your hand sanitizer game (?!) with Jao Hand Refresher. Man this stuff smells good! Made with tea tree oil, lavender and eucalyptus (amongst other things that make this a 99.8% natural santizer) this stuff WORKS WELL and SMELLSYUMMY too. The one and only natural antiseptic all- purpose gym germ stopper, zit zapper, under arm refresher, after shave, not-just-for-hands sanitizer! So this FLU season keep healthy by washing your hands with some Jao. If you cough/sneeze into your hands, then wash with soap & water and/or use a hand sanitizer with atleast a 65% ethyl alcohol content. Flu viruses can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours people! Spread the Jao, not the germs. $7 for 2 oz. (easy to tote around in your bag).


Buddha Nose Best


We just got our first shipment of Buddha Nose products in last night- just in time for Mother’s Day! Buddha Nose is a line of certified organic luxury beauty products. A customer (and the creator of another beloved item at the shop, Jao Hand Refresher) told me about Amy Galper’s Buddha Nose line, and I fell in love with the wonderful and soothing bath salts and sugar scrub straight away. Amy is a NYC based Shiatsu practitioner who started mixing up “potions” for her customers ailments, and soon enough Buddha Nose was born! “Recognizing the connection between the energetic dynamics of shiatsu, a Japanese form of bodywork based in Traditional Chinese Medicine, with the essential oils of aromatic plants Amy created handmade beauty products in her kitchen to remind her clients that beauty is directly affected by our feeling good…Beauty is about feeling good, and Buddha Nose understands that the simple act of doing something good for ourselves, makes us feel beautiful. Our well-being affects our self-image; it awakens us to the connection of our body and mind, our relationships to others and our planet. To Buddha Nose, inner wellness inspires self-awareness…[the products] are made with only USDA certified organic and wild-crafted ingredients and contain no parabens, synthetic fragrances or chemical preservatives.” Stop by (or call!) for some of the Detox, Meditation or Girl Bath Salts, $19.95, and Sugar Scrub, $24.95.

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