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East Harlem Field of Dreams

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I woke up super early this morning and watched the local NYC news for two hours, and was touched by a very sweet story about a Field of Dreams up in East Harlem. Jon Frankel, a journalist, drive by the empty lot in East Harlem (112th St.) last fall and was sad to see it was in such poor shape that no kids were out playing on the field (250 kids had to be dropped from Little League in 2006 since they had no place to play). He took matters into his own hands and raised money and dedicated tons of time and effort  to overhaul New York City’s newest ballfield*. Many wonderful people turned out to help him bring this dream to a reality, including the Heads Groundskeeper from Yankee Stadium, a local Wood-working teacher who built the Scoreboard, Engine Company 58 (busiest Firehouse in the city) who kept the freshly laid sod well- watered and a business man (Cliff Asness) who donated $50k for the new sod after volunteers cleaned up the lot (money he was going to use for premium seats at the new Yankee stadium).  Mayor Bloomberg even came out to throw the first pitch! What a lovely and inspiring story about community involvement and what one person (with lots of drive and determination and HELP) can do! It also reminded me of the Wiffle Ball & Bat sets we just got in at the shop– so you can have your own Field of Dreams for $7.50 (shameless attempt to bring this amazing story “back” to the shop!). Extra balls also available for $2.25, as recommended & requested by a customer/mom of 3!

Wiffle Ball and Bat

* for those of you not in NYC, we have had two big stadiums open this year as the new Yankee Stadium & the Mets Citifield both opened this season. Millions of Dollars (or billions?) later, this story is the sweetest of them all. Thanks to links from and (Evening News with Katie Couric online) for help piecing this story together after watching it this morning on Local NBC 4 Morning News.


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