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MJ’s Birthday/BAD video/Hoyt-Schermerhorn subway stop

Today is Michael Jackson’s birthday and despite the rain Spike Lee is throwing a party for him in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park (at The Nethermead to be exact if you are planning on going, from noon- 5pm today). I love Michael Jackson and of course I love Birthdays but I was trying to think of a way to tie it all back to the shop.  While riding the A train on Monday,  I picked up a dis-regarded paper and Bam! There it was. I  read this interesting article in The New York Post, and it’s been a hot topic on the local community listserve ever since: City Coucilwoman Letitia James is trying to rename Hoyt- Schermerhorn train station after Michael Jackson since his video BAD was filmed there (in 1987, directed by Martin Scorsese).

I had no idea that the station I go to almost every day, and is a block from the store,  had another claim to fame (you may remember scenes from Pelham 1-2-3 were filmed there). Pretty cool I must say (although worthy of a name change? not so sure). My dad was working for the MTA back then (just down the street from the shop/station)  so either it escaped my memory or my Dad didn’t feel that newsworthy to pass my way. Anyway, I like New York Magazine’s Daily Intel write- up on it, since as they say,’Hoyt-Schermerhorn’ already has such a nice ring to it.”

Of course the MTA rebuffed the idea (quoting The Post again, they told her to “Beat It.” ha! they always make me laugh) and so now the councilwoman is asking that a Plaque be placed in the station in his memory. Interesting though because in The Post article (aptly named “Jacko off Tracko”) I learned that “Earlier this year, agency honchos agreed to the MTA’s first-ever naming rights deal. Developer Bruce Ratner is set to pay the MTA $200,000 a year over 20 years to add the name of his planned Barclays Center NBA arena to the Atlantic Avenue transit hub in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.”

Hmmm. I guess everything has its price especially when the MTA needs some money. The subway fare JUST went up, hopefully there is not another one coming anytime soon.

Well, Happy Birthday Michael. RIP. And Thank You for everything. Including the Moonwalk in Brooklyn.


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