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3rd Installment of DOES IT REALLY WORK by Jessica Rall

nellies PVC free revised copyNellies lavender fragrance sticksI know you’ve been wondering all week, what is Jess going to write about next?? Well, mystery solved folks- in Jess’ 3rd (of 4) installment of DOES IT REALLY WORK she tries out our Nellie’s PVC-free Dryer Balls and Lavender Fragrance sticks…

I’ve tried a lot of fabric softeners and sheets and find they either,

a.) Make my laundry smell overwhelmingly like one of those wax air fresheners or,

b.) Do nothing and make my clothes smell like nothing.

I already use Nellie’s Oxy Brightener, so thought I’d try these dryer ball things. I’d heard about the old tennis balls in the dryer trick, but I worry about color transfer, embedding the smell of burnt rubber into my clothes, and that I’m releasing harmful toxins into the ether . Not to mention that a tennis ball bouncing around in the dryer can get pretty loud. I’ve also tried some natural dryer sheets but just felt they were a waste. Enter: Nellie’s PVC-Free Dryerballs. They’re recyclable, have no harmful toxins, and won’t transfer color. The new PVC-Free balls also have a center cartridge where you can insert lavender fragrance sticks with essential oil. So last weekend I gave them a shot, and It Works!! I did two loads at the Laundromat, one with Dryerballs, one without. My sheets, which always end up super-wrinkled were noticeably less so, and I saved myself a quarter on my drying cycle. And they smell AMAZING, like real lavender instead of some synthetic potpourri. They last up to 2 years, and at only $24.99 that saves a lot of money wasted on fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Each fragrance stick lasts up to ten loads as well. If you’re like me and frequent the Laundromat, I recommend investing in two packs so you can do more than one load at a time. You’re still saving money on products, not to mention the quarters saved in drying time.

Nellie’s PVC Dryer Balls- $24.99 for pack of 2. Nellie’s Lavender Sticks $12.95 (10 sticks in a jar, each lasts for 10 rounds in the dryer).


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