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New Storage Pouches!!

Our brilliant Proud Parent Pouches are now in two new styles! We love the Preschool, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade versions, but these are so much more versatile. They’re great for any age child, or even adults! With the sturdy grommet you can hang the pouch on a wall to show off your child’s achievements, or store it flat in a box. I’ve been in a major organization and downsizing mood lately, and I think these are necessary for my future happiness. I have tons of old papers that need to be organized. These are perfect–I’ll pop the grommet over a hanger and stash it in the back of my closet. This way it’s taking up virtually no space, and can be easily accessed to add more mementos. Oh, the joy of a clean closet!!!

Storage Pouch, $15.95

Storage Pouch, $15.95


Annie’s Goes BACK TO SCHOOL!!!

Proud Parent Pouch-Preschool, $15.95

Don’t we all still love back to school time? The combination of the changing weather, new clothes, and school supplies never fails to excite me–even though I don’t have classes to prepare for. In fact, I might have a slight obsession with office supplies. I have very exacting standards regarding pens, I collect pencils, and I take enormous pleasure in the sight and smell of a new box of crayons. These days I can live out those halcyon school days through our fabulous collection of merchandise. So all week we’re highlighting some of our favorite Back to School items for kids and adults. Introducing, Proud Parent Pouches!! These are brilliant. They look like an over-sized (14.5″ x 22″) pencil pouch with a clear plastic panel and are perfect for storing papers, award ribbons, or any other keepsake . They come in Preschool, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade and have a handy grommet for hanging. Say goodbye to bulky shoe boxes full of report cards!!

Proud Parent Pouch-Kindergarten, $15.95

Proud Parent Pouch-1st Grade, $15.95

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