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Secret Agent L: Specializing in Anonymous Acts of Kindness & Day Brightening

Secret Agent LIt’s Monday again- time flies! You may have noticed that for the past few Mondays I have tried to write about some good causes you can support & join so I decided to do the same today too. I found out about the Secret Agent L Blog through Beach Bungalow 8 which I always inspires me, and when I read about Secret Agent L’s Mission- I was doubly moved.

Secret Agent L is based in Pittsburgh and basically goes around doing nice things for people. She “specializes in anonymous acts of kindness and day-brightening.” After checking out some of her kind deeds online I decided to become a Special Agent myself and wrote to her for my mission. I got back a list of instructions and went about picking some items (from the shop) to fill the bill and then I was off to drop them off for strangers to find. She asks her “agents” to document the prep work and the drop off and then she posts them on her blog. You can see people from all over the country have heard the call and signed up to be Agents themselves!

Whenever I need a lift, I always try to do special things for other people- usually for loved ones, but doing something special for a stranger is very fun too. Who will find the prize and smile? Secret Agent L hopes to spread this message of doing nice things for others, across the world.  Poor Secret Agent L though, because in the midst of spreading her kind message, she was hit with a personal loss.  Everyone’s pictures and stories make her- and all who read her blog- smile, so maybe this post will help you to be inspired to bring some “Anonymous Acts of Kindness and Day Brightening” to your world too and keep her message going. Let me know if you do!


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