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Good Luck to all the Marathoners Tomorrow!

Picture for BUZZFEED/ via flickr

Tomorrow is the NY Marathon and I will be in Brooklyn cheering runners on- wahooo!! Someone sent me this article on Buzzfeed- 30 Funny Marathon Signs and thought it would be fun to share in light of tomorrow’s big day- check it out here (example above, some are quite funny & clever!). And if you need a little pick-me up for your favorite marathon runner how about some Spring Chicken Muscle Rub ($9) or Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath ($11.95) or maybe this Cute Heart Hot Water Bottle ($14)??



Running the Marathon?

Spring Chicken muscle rubIt’s a big weekend in NYC the next few days- not only is it Halloween tomorrow, and the Yankees are in the World Series, but its the ING NYC Marathon on Sunday too! A customer just bought a few jars of Spring Chicken Muscle Rub (a wonderful salve packed with cinnamon and peppermint that soothes sore muscles and combats inflammation) for some running friends ($9). She also picked up some of the Dr. Hot Gel packs  ($16.95)-

Doctor cool and Doctor hotI also suggested Jane- Inc.’s Foot Soak- which I just put out at 1/2 price in honor of the 30,000 runners out there (was $21.95 now 1/2 price!)-

foot soakOr maybe some Rosemary (for tired/sore muscles) or Ginger (for body aches) Bath Salts– a treat for $19.95.

Rosemary bath salts

Good Luck to all the runners out there!

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